DRC govt decrees 30-day curfew in south central region

October 18, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Byobe Malenga

The provincial government of the Kasai Orientale Province (south-central DRCongo) has decreed a curfew across the whole province. The decision was taken after an incursion made by troops loyal to the late Kamwina Nsapu in the Kabeya Kamwanga territory. The population has been advised to stay at home between eleven pm and six in the morning.

Esperant Nkwama, the chairman of the local civil society organization, expressed satisfaction and hope that the measure taken by provincial authorities will bear positive results.

(Nkwama) Militia combats faithful to the late Kamwena Nsapu traditional chief made an incursion into the Kabeya Kamwanga territory of the DRC. They notably wrecked the administrator’s office in Kabeya Kamwanga, the Kena Nkuna Township’s office and CENI’s (National Independent Electoral Commission) premises.

In a press briefing held in the evening, the governor reassured the population that the militia had been neutralized, at least seven having earlier been killed and that the others had retreated. He also said that the Kena Nkuna Township in Kabeya Kamwanga territory was safe.

What measures had the minister or governor taken to provide security to the people and their properties though? After a meeting held by the provincial government over the insecurity, which is nowadays being observed in Mbuji Mayi city (the provincial capital), the provincial government’s spokesman announced some measures that had been taken.

He, amongst other things, announced a curfew that will henceforth have to be observed for thirty days, starting at 23.00 until morning. You should, however, note that in spite of these measures, last night we noted cases of armed robbery, notably opposite the Idjulu burgomaster’s office.

Only three policemen were on duty at the burgomaster’s office as all the others had gone on patrol. The robbers moved from one door to the other for about one hour and security forces’ intervention arrived late. My mother, who was also a witness to the incident, said the robbers were dressed in military uniforms.









Byobe Malenga

Byobe Malenga has experience spanning more than 11  years in Journalism, particularly in field reporting, editing, newscasting and management. He is currently working with the BBC World Service as a reporter in eastern Congo DR for Swahili desk, Radio, TV and online. In addition to this Byobe Malenga works as a media consultant in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  He is also the multimedia journalist, as well as Editor of the newspaper ‘Journal FIZI DAIMA ’.

Malenga has already participated in several reporting missions on behalf of radio stations such as Radio Television Groupe d’Avenir- Kinshasa as well as numerous training missions, animation workshops and support as the strategic planning and operational. He has already made several trips to Africa taking in Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Lesotho, Namibia, and Mozambique, the Republic of central Africa and the Congo Brazza and South Africa.

He has worked with the media (written and spoken press) for several years in various fields such as production of commercials, jingles, magazines, newspapers and other emissions. He has capitalized on the valuable experience of working with foreign radio in areas of partnership, social mobilization around water points, the setting-up of committees, etc.


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