Feminism and the controversial role of dominance among genders

October 19, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Ogunniyi Abayomi

The debate over the responsibility and role of both genders as a creature of flesh and blood are divergent and contradictory in the premise of thought and opinion.

Certain genders are domineering while others support with an ideology of equal rights, ‘as long as we breathe with the same oxygen, likewise the same as individuals born of blood and water, never beyond the will of death’. This subject has enraged controversial conversation in our society over the capability and effectiveness of each gender to contribute to the socio economic development and human growth across our atmosphere.

Every individual for clarity and understanding on the subject of equal rights should seek the knowledge of what feminism is, their existence and goals they tend to achieve in society. The subject of equal rights between the female and male genders in a torrid society is not enacted drawing the conclusion that one is inferior, moreso superior to the other, which is abhorrent to the existence of humanity.

Feminism, coined from the french word féminisme by utopian socialist and french philosopher Charles Fourier in 1837, is the sensitization, movement and social awareness by the female gender towards the goal of achieving economic, political, social and educational rights creating an equal proportion of benefits with the male gender. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, it is a theory of the political, economic and social equality of both sexes.

Equality that ensures certain rights should be given likewise equality with the male gender, sometimes endearing protest against the existence of patriachy and the assumption of the term “men’s” world, viewing the other as a helping hand to further its ambition. This ideology was sucessful in America, Europe, Asia and Australia where ladies are also at the helm of affairs, which is quite tough in the African Society whose belief of the female gender revolves around the need for marriage and a domestic helper while he is away to solve the riddle of survival.

I remain neutral to the existence of the ideology, I am neither for or against this but all that is necessary is that each gender should be treated with respect and given a chance to air their views when demanded or neutral. It is sometimes questionable when the female gender is in a top position, but beneath the male counterpart, which is observed as ridiculous on their own part to serve under a lady, forfeiting their jobs to avoid a woman leading him to carry out certain responsibilities.

In different situations across our society, political positions are assigned to the male counterpart. It’s a different affair when you see Angela Merkel dictating how the political affairs of Germany should be, as their Chancellor, enormous support having been a factor of her success as she is respected by her male counterparts.

The ideology is misinterpreted when ego is involved and emotion cannot be contained. This will likewise be observed as a threat to the male gender, never ceasing to escape their minds, nor do we abscond their existence.

It is obvious in our religious circle also where they are relegated to the back during worship. Cankerworms of myopic belief engulf our minds sometimes interpreting some of the verses that were never in sight.

Injustice and unfair treatment could likewise be a reason but not conclusive because most men give the spouse the freedom to make their own decisions. I have read writers who claim to be feminist on the verge of admonishing how every woman should see and value themselves but do not threaten the male gender by disrespecting.

A sensitive topic should not be discarded, likewise the essence of value among ourselves.










Ogunniyi Abayomi

Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he resides. A poet and essayist whose works have been published in various journals.


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