October 21, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Eric Kim



P C K Prem



Sometime In Life



Ethos of life demented, hinges on cryptic civilization

distributing blood and hunger,

despite plenty instilling fears at the same time.


It drives to an epilogue of varied corny teachings,


moving from one point to another in zero,


and blankness that is one whole,

with pores where ideas crumble, and words

break into pieces and rise to become nectar maybe.


Voices appear noisy and jarring, and it is construed

as music by judges with blinkers on

and sitting on judgments,

bearing masks tear apart ear drums, in utter stupidity

of legal wisdom, and then they put on dark glasses

and watch colourful reality shows

manipulated nastily, by codes

and phones sponsored, before laws are invented.


It is eating and eating of flesh and words lawless,

in a society of mores grubby and values dappled.


It eats a man and man only without mercy.


It is life of a winner in blood, and violence they say


as I hear from a distance

the droning noise before I vanish with the woman,

I wanted to live with and so, I thought long back.










PCK Prem Tuck Magazine

P C K Prem

P C K Prem (P C Katoch of Garh-Malkher, Palampur, Himachal, a former academician, civil servant and member psc hp, Shimla) is an author of more than fifty books. A post-graduate in English literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh, he is associated with several social/literary organizations, has brought out nine volumes of poetry besides five books on criticism, two books on ancient literature, six novels and two collections of short fiction. Creative writings in Hindi include twenty novels, nine books on short fiction and a collection of poems. Recipient of several awards, Katoch Prem is a poet, novelist, short story writer and a critic in English and Hindi from Himachal, India.


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