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Sam Eastwood






Letters on the wall, whitened by the sun

frail and worn from the winter’s wind.

Love lost as the Devil played his game


There was a place where faith was born

a miracle shared as two lovers embraced.

Sharing kisses thoughtful, mindful and aware

A sunset of fire toasts loves marshmallow

Starlight skies, the moon eclipsed the sun

Tears falling, a soul weeps for another time,

snow settles, over much hallowed ground.

Does confusion consume those who are alone?











News from the far side.

Born of cinder sparks, the flame

never heard poetry a revelation

Hopeful expression writes

with chocolate richness.


In nice places wind blows emotions,

brings peace in the heart.


A life, savors more than others

good or bad, you to decide

not any better or worse

simply treat it all the same

sometimes it makes no sense!


In nice places where rain pours passion

singing and dancing peace in the heart.


To be human, some feelings abused

our nature desires one special love.

Choosing friends, faithful relationships

understanding, sometimes unfathomable

so choosing “NOW” and letting go


In nice places there’s a richness of love

going there brings peace in the heart!










Sam Eastwood - Tuck Magazine

Sam Eastwood

I began writing seriously twenty years ago when I started a Science Fiction novel, a love story with poetry. I wrote a few poems for the book and for friends, they became a small collection of poems which I give away, it was these where my passion for poetry began.

They became a series of love poems, and with some prompting I self publish my first book, printed, bound, in hard back; ISBN 978-0-473-15667-1, which I sell print on demand. The National library and Hocken Library in NZ .

Since then I have completed two further books which became a trilogy of love poems. And one which is titled Poèmes d’amour & Verset érotique. All to publish after further editing. They contain love poems, spiritual poems and several short stories, and with my thoughts about life.

I have been published in The Australia Times poetry magazine June 2016 and one which appears in an anthology published by Allpoetry.com.


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