October 26, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Nicole Surginer






I feel as mere thought

drifting outside myself.

As my wistful mind strayed

when madness called.


My feet stumble ahead

heeding my longing heart.


I tread crevasse of hidden earth

where fields of forever are

swallowed into land’s end.


Life crumbles into trenches,

tangling into roots of hell’s abyss.


I whisper your name to echo.


I seek you to the furthest

beam of galaxy star where

ethereal cloud swirl into

blackened space kissing

shadow in heaven’s verge.


Until my very lost drop

of sustenance has run dry,

I search eternity to taste

A single breath of you.









Forbidden Love



In reckless thought my mind does

stray through forbidden trails of

thought questioning probability

that your heart seeks me still


In sorrow’s ponderings she does

Meander unable to fathom you

have rid your blood of my ghost


Surely she lurks amongst your every cell

As your face haunts my clouds and my

sun burns rays in hue of your honey eyes


Even the lyrics of my dreams

are whispered from your lips


You elude my stare to avoid

gazing upon my hearts eye

where your name alone is etched

upon the walls of this empty chamber


How then can you bear to leave

your pieces of me behind


I have sipped of love’s tonic

from your tongue tasting

the passion of heaven’s nectar


Your fingerprints have seared my soul

Your love remains my only air

My spirit dwindles away as you

deny me my very breath











Nicole Surginer

Nicole Surginer is a poet from the small town of Bastrop, Texas. She is inspired to write by her love for nature’s enchantment, a fascination with the power of raw, intense emotion and a desire to create beauty with words. She has been published in Tuck Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, and Indiana Voice Journal with pending publications at Sick Lit Magazine and the Contemporary Poet’s group anthology “Dandelion in a vase of roses”.


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