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Vitas Ambrazas



Ifa Agnes



If I were a Muslim



If I were a Muslim,

I couldn’t tolerate it,

To see my Indian brother

Hating me extremely,


Only because of the religion I belong,

I would have been suffering along,

With suspicious eyes of my folk,

How could that pain I could revoke.


Where I was born, where I was brought up,

That place is not mine, I have to bear up,

This feeling, that is most unbearable,

How could I make it for me suffer able.


I will have to prove my patriotism,

Why? And even then, How would I have optimism,

How? How could I have it?

How? How could I bear that hatred feeling?


My tears and consoles are fake,

For martyr, who died for also my country’s sake,

Even if I say, I would be said wrong,

And if I didn’t, I am supporting them for sure.


Yes, I would look like them and my name,

But truth is, ‘our thinking’ aren’t same,

They are doing bad in the name of religion,

And due to this similarity, I would suffer those eyes of hatred.


I know, it’s because of religion I belong,

Because some people are using it for other’s evil and wrong,

And I understand that, so  I am quite.

I don’t Rebel for my feelings because, it won’t have any right?


Nothing matters to me more or least,

Like you, than to see my country in safety, ceased.

I would even then, tolerate everything,

But not those eyes of doubt and hatred feelings.


In My mind it would just recall again and again,

“Assassinate me, Kill me or murder me with pain,

But don’t look at me with those eyes of doubt and hatred feelings,

Don’t look at me with those eyes of doubt and hatred feelings.”


So, If I were a Muslim,

I won’t be able to tolerate it,

To see my Indian brothers,

Hating me extremely without any of me guilty.










Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Ifa Agnes

A “Simple Girl With Big Dreams”, is what Shivangi Saumya Suhani (Ifa Agnes) says about herself in brief. Being a student of physics, she is a bilingual poet, writer and storyteller too. She lives in her own world of dreams “Somewhere over the rainbow”. She likes to spend her free time alone in nature with soulful music and obviously good books. Well, at her teen age, she has won Tata Building India Poetry Competition and published for several times in Junior Jagran, her short story have got published at Ashvamegh and poem at Swach Bharat app and so on. To her “everywhere is magic cause everywhere is the existence of God”.


  1. r soos October 27, at 12:17

    "hating me extremely without any of me guilty" - a powerful poetic expression of prejudice!


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