October 27, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Mahesh Balasubramanian



Tejasvi Saxena



A Pedestrian’s Walk



“The pedestrian walks

Slowly, and friskly towards his destination

Beads of perspiration trickling down the head…


Yet he walks,

Trudges under the beating Sun

Gazing vehicles with lustreless eyes


Watches the folks

Calming their frayed nerves in airy cars


He reaches with a chuckle,

A rhetorical one

To think of those who smirk at him…


A smirk to outdo their guilt laced conscience

While speeding their cars…”









Landscape Of Purple Dreams



“I often find myself on a land

A landscape of purple dreams

In trance of my subliminal commonality

Swooned on frailty of mortal being


I gaze beyond the improbables

That smile through beams of crescent moon

Or shaft of a bleak, dark sun

On ageless grounds of dreamer’s whim


Her swift and mild gaze

That falls as a drop of sweet adumbra

On withered flower of my pruned soul

Plucked from a nude branch of thoughts


Celestial songs she hums

As her lips tremble and quiver

On reciting soliloquy of labyrinthine lanes

The lanes that hold a choked memory;


A reminiscence of purple dreams

Glazed in amethystine mist are they;

In boxes of forgotten reveries


I sniff the gracious essence of her immortality

That often hides and lingers behind

In rugged fabrics of my inconsequential life.”










Tejasvi Saxena

Tejasvi Saxena is a bilingual poet and writer, thinker and a photography enthusiast from New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Art, Culture, Nature, Music, Spirituality, Sociology,Books and Writing. His poetry has been published in Muse India, Visual Verse (Germany/UK), Duane’s PoeTree, Indian Periodical and Dissident Voice (US).

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  1. r soos October 27, at 12:14

    "rugged fabrics of my inconsequential life" - sublime =:-)


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