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October 28, 2016 Editorial

Tuck Magazine


Michael Organ

Given the daily political tumult around the world and a certain circus in the United States, it is again time and necessary to state Tuck Magazine’s position amidst the madness.

We are in no way affiliated with any political party, candidate or for that matter, religion.

In addition to being irreligious and atheistic we stand back and provide a forum for all opinions and points of view, often with a smirk, frown or outright pride in somebody passionately expressing a belief. This of course does not extend to the abuse of another or one that is vulnerable; these naturally being exceptions.

I personally am from London, England, though currently reside in Canada, where I guess the magazine is ‘based’, despite the fact that it is global, being online and its reach around the world.

There is no affiliation or support for any of the UK parties, Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems, UKIP, SNP, etc, instead looking at each individually and assessing policies, promises and actions accordingly.

The same obviously goes for here in Canada. I am in no way a fan of the Conservatives, NDP or Liberals.

As for the United States, well what can I say?! I am happy to publish articles expressing opinions, as thankfully there are many, this being a necessity when voters attempt to cleanse themselves from the mainstream brainwash.

Even with a gun to my head I could never support Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump, both extremely corrupt individuals to say the very least. We will leave it there for now in this respect as, similar to a number of politicians in the UK, we have a great deal of information against each, for one reason or another the MSM being careful to avoid.

Everyone is of course entitled to an opinion and, in the aforementioned case, a vote, so I hope people can express this based on sound reason and logic. If more people looked to the independent candidates in this and other elections, things could perhaps in time be different.

Position again clear then.





MIchael Organ - Tuck Magazine

Michael Organ

Managing Editor and Publisher, Tuck Magazine

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  1. P C K PREM October 28, at 04:18

    It is good. Thank you for being so frank and true. Is it necessary to pin-point individuals when we know what happens around and who does it? I appreciate your judicious frankness. Congrats. p c k


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