November 2, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius



Harry Ricciardi



buildings are falling down



the beginning of time

like the end of time

like the waterfall of time

like a sweet caress

unlike anything

feeling good can be so so so complicated

then you wake up one morning

and it is impossible

only the smallest things

can change everything

a sane man has to wonder

what ever really was whatever

love comes and goes


but love comes and goes












after years of keeping to themselves

after years

while we negotiated with substance

sometimes even up to our ankles

under our fingernails

the stars! the stars linked their hands up

the stars looked back down in our uneven bowls

they understood the way it was for us

and consented to let us take part in the dancing

nobody was ready

but that changed in the instant you let me kiss your face

our feet found assurance by simply going forward

like so many tiny stars

do you remember how they laughed?

and the sun only returned languorously for the rest of that summer










Harry Ricciardi

Harry builds boats in Vineyard Haven.


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