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Rick Davis



Angst: a love poem



with anxious eyes

i explore


my personal book

of lamentations


as i regret



that feel like

shadows quivering


as sheet metal

in the autumn


of my body,

so that sadness


sways like

loose branches


and, now in my sixties,

i fear dying trees


until i recall

the day i met you –


when life

began, and when


the sun began

to shine brighter.


our life

is an affirmation


of sky and peace –

a windy blanket,


rustling in trees.

our relationship


is as graceful

as purple twilight.


your words

are silver


bubbles in













A few years ago when we began to date

You shot hot blood into my poems

As the theoretical became more credible —


These days I am no longer lonely

And so I sit awake in my dreams —


This morning the sun glanced off the walls –

For you would soon be with me,

And this promise unites us, somehow –

It is as though, through our love

We can be everywhere at once,


But still, when I am alone

I am not the same –

I need you to be beneath the same roof

This time is not quite real – as if

I am living on spooky borrowed time


But it all passes as I think of our future together,

A loving world-view bejeweled with poetic allusion

Colored in flowering hibiscus.


So I give up much of the world

Choosing to gaze upon Birds of Paradise

And other fallen blossoms

As the everyday world without you

Is the abandon of quicksand.


We drift, quietly, into eternity.









Meditating on Love



life is



linear rain

but, moving


into silence

i encounter


a whirling



and in this

place of peace


i have no loyalty

to the rigors


of illusive




and debate


so that motion

is deceptive


settling into



where time

is no longer


an enemy

and where i can


get lost

in air






like dormant grass.



our love


it seems

as though


we glow, softly,

like fireflies.












Rick Davis

I am a Poet and life-long Chicagoan, married, and am a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University.


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