The Wail of Mr Wole Wole

December 1, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Amore David Olamide

“The elders are not meant to behold the instigate of a contorted head” but when it happens; there isdefinitely a jumbo catastrophe in pends of coming.

It is with languish that I sprout this vivacity, for in the quandary of my beloved country; in the keenness of our elders, many heads have been terribly tortured, deformed and out-shaped, at the square of their visibility — in which their arms have gone folded and their mouth deliberately sealed in outpouring remedy. I’ve been following Nigeria’s vaccinations right from the “other room”, and other seesaws of Nigeria’s steadiness that had failed to balance considerate etiquette between our leader’s doing. I’ve gratified muteness and I’ve been decorous in considerate manner, not for the pleasantness of the heart but for the logic bear. But as these dilemmas keep sailing like a plank on the sea of our plight, I see no other way in reviving our sinking ship and no impeccable method of hatching enlightenment for our barren intensity than edging a pen through symbolic lines with the illustrative paint of diplomacy.


Professor Wole is a man a hat doff won’t do to meed his sagacious deeds!


He’s someone who is seemly to us, have read almost all the lettered billboards, and have swirled the core adjectives that dwell in diverse dictionaries. He flaunts words and fledges them upon the glimpse of illiterate, giving he or she the pummel of pertinence of why the school road had not been an alley, where he or she had passed by. Some call him an adept, some a veteran and some a whiskered demon with phrenic air. He’s justly just any phrase that phases and defines cerebral. He’s a nobel laureate and all that explicates adventurous recognition. His industriousness in the trade of intellectual dealings has earned him prestige both home and across borders — such achievement indispensable to the legacy of a nation. His enactments are gleaming like camwood and boundless like the pebbles of the sea, and thus, the cycle of a day won’t do in depiction of such galactic deference.


To whom much is given, much is expected!


Analytically, a child given a thousand cowries for productive trade mustn’t return with a bean cake. For he was given in excess and much would have been expected from the return of it. For this and the reasons beyond, it saddens the heart and anguishes the mind when at the juncture of our commodious quest for intensity we find vapidity by the way.

Nobly, the sagacity of a competent man is the dynamic panache to inject responsibilities and interweave decisiveness at a comprehensive scenery. By conquering such difficulties — many heads will diligently bow and applaud the figurative demeanor of such able man. Ridding not the bicycle of barbarity, but traversing with pure intention and keenness to ray corresponded insight liberally, on the controversies around,  I and with that to say, in the chassis encircling Mr Wole’s sequence, dimensionally, it is well mirrored to divergent reflections that the noble laureate has fell many hands with his hyperbolic suggestion, immoral comments and aggressive dissertation, in outlook of sagacious supposition. I can’t but vividly help in dissecting issues in lucid manners by pinpointing the factual concepts that embody these settlements and by lacing each wrong on the neck of each bearer and directing what belongs to Cesar to Cesar.

Initially, gazing at the surge of conceptuality and the burdens purging comfort away from our beloved land, one would say, we have enormous subjects to ponder on locally, rather than meddling voluntarily in the unsolicited and unconcerned issues of international affairs and the saga of Trump’s mustiness. That’s to say his comment signifies nothing but a needless view to any Americans and his points would have rather showered our barren land and graved our recessive plight, if his yearns tendered.

Fundamentally, caricatural comments can absolutely make one hypocritical if consciousness isn’t considered in one’s opinion. Mutilating a green card might be the simplest task for hands, but betwixt such say, there might be peccancy that could unknowingly put one’s prestige at stake — which we thought, such outrage would have been by him, acknowledged thoroughly.

Ultimately, questioning the media’s transposition and slaughtering your patriotic fellows like Eid-el-Kabir rams, with discourteous knife and axe, is a stone thrown towards me, but I couldn’t weave. Rectifying them as illiterates is earnestly vulgar and belittling their IQ too.  There are ways to cease their marauding run with sophisticated tackles ran than uncultured kicks. We understand they mud you with clay, we understand their twittered loutish and all seen but not said. But as a prominent scholar, much was expected than the less seen than lest we say. We shouldn’t franchise the outplay of contest among related cycles and the bull of our brothers to the glimpse of intruders.

A Yoruba adage says “Abe igi ti aa sinmi si, a ki i ge eka re”  that’s; One shouldn’t cut off the branches of a tree, in whose shade one would rest. We shouldn’t justify hardiness for the ridicule of one’s brethren.

The wail of our noble laureate has constipated my mind so I ought to impeccably purge them in literary circumstance. I will say, anger shouldn’t impede modesty for a display of wail is a pictured insanity in ways. If the woodpecker would ceaselessly peck a tree, it would get something from the tree, eventually. The miles of knowledge are broad but the range of thoughtfulness seems to be nearby. The untoward behaviour of those people alive might make one pine for those who had gone but the ability to reconcile will foster serenity amongst hearts. Wail will never weigh down a mammoth elephant. Remember, the olympian you are a flaming city with a touch of intellectuality. Remember there are different strokes for different folks. Remember a bag of rice tarries at an immoderate price. We need you on this, not on Trump’s victory.









Amore David Olamide

Amore David Olamide,  is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes literally in parabolic style, orature genre and see scenes in epical dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry, in coded fashion.


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