December 5, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Ken W Simpson



A Dream



I wander warily


empty classrooms


of being asked

to teach a class.


I wait for a train

that departs

from another platform

then seek asylum

yearning for sanctuary

like any refugee.







The Morning Swim



The newly resurrected sun

glows and softens

yesterday’s sundered sand

disheveled and lumpy

like an unmade bed.


Tread cautiously

towards the lapping sea

where corrugations

are strewn with tiny shells

and glutinous jellyfish blobs.


Diminutive fish dart pat

posies of pale-green weed

below a tapestry of rhomboids

glimmering through

amorphously dissolving prisms.








Silent Wind



A  discrete street

gratuitously meanders

beside evergreen trees

in uniform clusters

dressed as sentries

just moments away

from secluded  estates

that crave for fame

as breeding grounds

for soluble sorrows

and covetous ways.











Ken W Simpson

An Australian poet whose latest collection, Patterns of Perception, was published by Augur Press (UK) in January 2015. He lives with his family at Lysterfield, a Melbourne suburb, in the state of Victoria.

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  1. Blank Verse December 05, at 20:05

    ~ I truly enjoyed reading all three poems ... Especially , the first one , we get captivated and trapped in unusual situations where we have no control over them in real life and our dreams mirror them that you presented in very realistically ... And it's not at all a tough job for an Australian to effortlessly communicate with nature m I feel that in remaining two poem ... Thank you poet ...


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