December 8, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Marius Tudor



Williams Oladimeji



Beyond Your Ordinariness



Essential to citizens

Even with over-coated spoons


Understood to be just works of hands

But intricately conceived

Above the needle beyond the crotchet


Of this universal daubing device

Escapes from a town, domiciles the streets

Always at the beck ‘n’ call of every conception


Believed by some to be a craft

Learnable and could be adept

Above whatever vision beyond whatsoever mission

Verity are all these-

Durable success is besieged by





Beyond some percepts

People because of success think

Writers excel with mere ink

More to say of the many secrets


Above the pencil beyond the pen

However besiege our eyes












I Was On Land, On Sea



On land…

I feel fiery heat

Erupts from the

World below


From the farthest Mercury



At leisure

I go to the sea

To feel the touch

The soft recuperative caress

Of the cool air

Of the sea…


On land…

I see…

Humans hustling

And hustling humans

On streets

I see…

Sweat traveling

And traveling sweat

On their faces…


I see…

Exhaustion painted

And painted Exhaustion

On their faces…


On sea…

I see…

Humans plunging

And plunging humans

In the torrent…

I see…

Canoes paddling

And paddling canoes

On sea…


On land…

I wasn’t impressed

Neither was I restful

Of hyperactivities

On land…


On sea..

I wasn’t shanghaied

Neither was I reposeful

Of turbulent tempest

On sea…


Cheerful Agitation on land


Exciting turmoil on sea…


I feel elated

I return home uplifted

Though I was on land

Yes I was on sea













Williams Oladimeji

WILLIAMS OLADIMEJI is a young rising poet in his early twenties. He is an undergraduate Electrical/Electronic Engineer; an alumnus of Lagos State Polytechnic. His impressive creativity and inventiveness are evident in his poems, many of which serve to the cause of social criticism and moral renaissance advocacy. His works are resplendent with themes such as In The Bird’s Nest, Entreaty of Forgiveness, Just Move On, Humility Must Be Seen, etc. Ola’s poems are purposive; he is no freak of obscurantist art. “NOETIC_fmaths” as his epithet goes, Williams is also an affable, eccentric lover of knowledge and creative photography enthusiast.


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