Power of the Media in this Modern World

December 13, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Muhammad Shoaib Khan

The power of the media cannot be negated in the modern world. This power can be utilized for development in every aspect of life. Developed countries do not need to do so because they have already achieved their objectives with the help of media. However, developing countries such as Pakistan still need to figure out the best possible way to utilize this power to its maximum potential.

Media can be used to educate the general masses to create awareness, transparency, and accountability in society. So the option lies with every nation that in which perspective this power could be utilized to build a successful nation.

With the emergence of technology, means of communication have been changed dynamically around the globe. Due to the emergence of ICTs (integrated collaborative technology) the advancement has been fast tracked. In the current scenario, the pivotal role of media in shaping the behaviour of individuals cannot be denied. Because this latter leads in shaping the standards of the social order.

The emergence of media is changing the dynamics of the world drastically. Earlier the tools of communication were less and underdeveloped. However, since the last century the technological changeover has taken over the world. Means of communication have changed tremendously and gone beyond the territorial boundaries. Media not only includes cell phones, internet but also the print and electronic media that has revolutionized the world.

A message can easily be disseminated among the general masses. Immediate feedback can be taken with the deliverance of a message in a fraction of second. The desired information is only a click away. Even with this evolutionary media and technology, there is a huge gap between the developing and underdeveloped countries. The agenda varies among the region based on the interest of the controller. The media is influential because it shapes the attitude, feelings and beliefs to a certain extent.

The world has transformed itself into a Global village by opting for one uniform culture based on the variety of different cultures. The behaviour pattern of social order has changed, including human psychology. Nowadays, a common man is not only limited to the news and current affairs but also entertainment, sports, religion and every single institution depending upon one’s interest. Television has a greater impact on lives because of its accessibility to the common man. Electronic and print media has taken over the minds of people, giving them broader dimensions and possible aspects to think. It also changes the cultural patterns of the world, determined by setting different agendas. Mass media has pros and cons however; the former has more potential if utilized in the right dimensions. It can be used to bring national integration among the masses. The technology has an immense impact on a human’s life, so the power of the strongest tool of communication lies in someone’s hands. Therefore, the spread of wrong information can lead to serious consequences, leaving societies into confusion.

On the national and international level, new agendas are considered to achieve the set objective on a daily basis. Since the media is considered a mirror of society performing the role of a middle man maintaining transparency, that is why it is considered a major pillar of any state. Media, along with affecting the social order, strengthens the democratic system leading to a flourishing nation.

Freedom of expression is the characteristic feature of modern world media, but this freedom varies among regions and states. The developed part of the world has its own dimensions whereas the third world countries are still under the great influence of the media. The anti and pro attitude of the media owners has been reflected upon society’s behaviour. The modern world media is misusing the slogan of freedom of expression as freedom of exploitation. It has reached into the personal life, leaving no space for a private life of any individual.

The same way social media is making information viral within no time, but no one takes the responsibility of understanding the concept of dissemination of information among masses. Now the demographics of societies are being monitored through social media, and later the policies were made to control the third world countries for centuries. The ethics of journalism are not followed by the media properly, which could play an effective role in building a peaceful society. Since the world is in a state of transformation, the majority of states are focusing on the idea of using soft power rather than military muscle. Media is the most important tool for using soft power among nations forming and preserving the foreign policy, ultimately defending the national interest.









Muhammad Shoaib Khan

Muhammad Shoaib Khan

Muhammad Shoaib Khan is a journalist from Pakistan and has worked with NEO TV, Independent News, PBCand The Nation.


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