December 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Abigale Louise LeCavalier






Thinking of you

in a way abstract,

trying to find significance

in words,

turning the page smoking

burning the fingertips.


And I know you are listening

to my far away song,

I’m not quite dead yet,

just skeptical the way

the mouse is of the cat.


I have been swallowed whole before.


Letting go of water,

not willing or wanting affliction,

pasting your picture

at the ending

of an unread book.


Placing a milk glass in your hand; invisible,

you have touched my soul and left it.


Never forgetting the Moon

and that I’m always in your shadow.








Repeat Offender



Waking up in water

turning turning

you have been

holding me down

in the river

for so long.


Waiting waiting

never the chance

to catch my breath,

you hold your hand

over my mouth

and pinch my nose

with your teeth.


I can taste your oppression

like a mosquito tastes blood,

running running away

away away away,

and I don’t want to

share my clothes with you



You should look me in the eye

when I evaporate,

You should cheer me on

when I finally let you go.










Abigale Louise LeCavalier

Abigale Louise LeCavalier

Abigale Louise LeCavalier lives in San Diego California by way of Mammoth Lakes California.  An admittedly ‘self absorbed poet’ and full time Alien,  Abigale writes from the heart. Most of her pieces are dark and revealing narratives of things and issues she has had to deal with in her life. Giving the reader a look on the not so bright side of life.

Her poems have been published in several print and online publications, including Jersyworks, Black-listed Magazine, Illogical Muse, The Sheltered Poet, Blaze Vox, The second Hump, Long Story Short, Vox Poetica, Abandoned Towers Magazine, Leaf Garden, The stray Branch, The Camel Saloon, Polu Texni, Filling Station, Record Magazine, Black Cat Press, The Off Beat, and many other online and print publications.


  1. Morgan Feeney December 14, at 22:39

    These are so beautiful, Abigail. I am so glad to have had the chance to read them. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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