Why are we making sex education mandatory for 5 yr olds?

December 21, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

I heard a comedian on the radio recently who is always very funny. On this occasion she said that she had grown up around so many liberal talking adults that at the age of five she knew so much about sexual language – therefore when she went to primary school she started to tell all the children, attracting crowds of kids in the playground who wanted to know about everything she had to say (I will not quote what she referred to herein, despite the fact it was not offensive but funny).

However after all that, her chat to the other kids in the playground did not get her sent home, but what did was when she told the other children there was no Santa Claus!

This example just about sums up the idiocy of the governments and/or those school teachers who either already teach or want to teach sex education to very young children whilst at the same time perpetuating the myth about the guy in the red suit. Ludicrous, and both are damaging in their own way.

First of all – Santa Claus…

Many adults tell me when discussing the Santa Claus issue that when they did realise, or were told he did not exist, the first thing they thought was “what else did their parents/patent/guardian lie to them about?”

Let’s face it, this Santa Claus facility is more to satisfy the adults than the children “oh, it is lovely to see their faces on Christmas morning when they see the presents Santa has left for them,” etc.

A bit like would-be Grandparents whose adult children, whether married or single (in old and modern meaning of that term), do not have/will never have children themselves.

These would-be grandparents often bemoan their disappointment usually to people who never will have Round 1 (i.e. any children of their own, never mind grandchildren) – so how do they think they make those people feel with their statement?

I know someone (who is a sensible grandmother herself but talks about other things to single people) who has the view that would-be grandparents got something wrong first time round with their own children and want another chance.

How many people ‘must’ be shown a photo of someone else’s grandchildren regardless of location or convenience of the moment? Would the same people wait whilst those they meet without grandchildren say “I must show you a photo of my meal out with a friend last night, etc”?

Now don’t misunderstand me, I am sure there is great joy in having generations of family but many people come from dysfunctional or split families. I have seen how the term ‘grandchildren’ can be used as an offensive weapon by use of the phrase, i.e. “I am keeping that item as I have grandchildren and you do not,” etc, then like a football score they post online that they have 8-13 grandchildren. Others may say ‘so what?!’

God help anyone now who wanted to go public about Santa’s true identity, they would be lynched. So Santa could never be forced out of the closet, though I believe one day he may just fade from usage.

Many believe Christmas itself used to be more wonderful when shopping and advertising only really kicked in a few weeks before Christmas.

It would also be easier if Santa held an Easter egg in his hand too, then the next big commercial hype could be over and done with.

One used to be able to get ‘Christmas free’ holidays, i.e. No mention of it anywhere, even the date each day was not given, no decorations, special meals, nor any Christmas cards, etc.

The above outline is a thumb-nail sketch on one set of values, therefore let us consider the other issue.

Against all of the above, why do Parents/grandparents/teachers believe five year olds should be taught about sex?

Each child will inevitably react differently to hearing such information. Many not only think that to teach this subject to tiny young children is cruel, it may also damage some who cannot cope with hearing detail of that nature and others may process it in different ways in their mind that will not be known until later years along with any hang-ups they may have been left with from the age of five.

Many older children have difficulties, never mind five year olds. The subject encompasses the relationship element, permission, legality of age, religious teachings of any faith (always a discarded element these days), what is right for them and the teachings of their parents.

Each person matures emotionally at different ages and, rather than teach five year olds about sex, society should deal with issues adults of all ages have with sexual matters. Unlike knowledge of history, geography, and all academic facts, sex is a subject that has the right time to be taught – i.e. later than 5! Children at that age should enjoy the pure fun of chasing a butterfly, running through a wheat field with their friends, climbing a tree, playing football, learning to play the piano or furnishing a dolls house, not imagining running one of ill repute!

There may even be Court cases related to ‘human rights for loss of innocent childhood’ one day too, along with punitive damages.

On the one hand, lies, about a man in a red suit must be maintained apparently – people say there is innocence in all that – yet there are those who believe we have to be honest to five year olds about sex. Where is the innocence for a five year old with that?

I think when choosing which school to send a child to it would be sensible to enquire on the stance regarding both these subjects.

Educating a child at home will be inevitable one day for most people and herein above are just two reasons why that is not a bad thing, and I can think of many more!









Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: www.thepinkprofessor.com. She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

Art sites: www.candystoreart.comwww.terrificart.comwww.artbadges.co.uk.

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  1. P C K PREM December 21, at 08:31

    'Children at that age should enjoy the pure fun of chasing a butterfly, running through a wheat field with their friends, climbing a tree, playing football, learning to play the piano or furnishing a dolls house, not imagining running one of ill repute!' Here, she speaks so good. It provokes but tells the art of living a good life. Parents ought to give ears or else...future will not forgive. Thank you HazelSpeed.


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