December 22, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Swarat Ghosh



Sandeep Sharma



When there is no reciprocation or direction



Let me explain, I’m done explaining,

So much love given in this life, yet it calls for restraining,

There is nothing wrong with either one of us,

Yet it calls for a spot under the bus.


Prayers and wishes won’t help.

Destiny and fate won’t help.

Unexpected miracles and fantasies won’t help.

Alcohol and weed and drugs will definitely not help.


It’s a pre programmed phenomenon

Resource demanding and patience partition,

Time’s game and luck’s salutation,

Higher understanding and only one salvation.


Meditation seems like a real medication,

Call it boring and overrated but it’s sure peace’s solicitation

Faith in the stars above, Mother Nature, the Sun and the Moon,

Makes hope and a merry life a granted boon.







When overthinking takes over



Some thoughts make me feel so disturbed,

I mean like I don’t even know my own whereabouts,

This seemingly life doesn’t turn out,

All it seems to be on is a roundabout!


Where are we going on this carousel,

What’s fancy what not, where’s the counsel,

These thoughts spinning all day and night in mind,

Even the devil’s disturbed and seems to be kind


The path to be established is such a meticulous one,

It needs to be compatible, no pun

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run

But the monster in the head feels like the only one


Where are the answers why the god darn coincidences,

Fragile hopes and fake disturbances,

For one would feel what’s all this?

For those who don’t understand, I guess ignorance is after all a bliss.







On a phase of life



These false hopes,

With low scopes,

Ruining the perspective,

It’s like an anti sedative!


With these heart beats,

Using dogmatic cheats,

Show there’s nowhere to go,

But there’s only karma flow!


With undiscovered rewards,

And unexpected future,

Comes the concept of belief and faith,

With only time deciding, the upcoming trait!


Maybe silence is the weapon of mass destruction,

And the Cold War between the soul and the mind continues,

None can step in your shoes,

The path can only be figured out using committed mistakes as clues.











Sandeep Sharma

I’m currently a 3rd year engineering student at NITK, Mangalore, India. I’m deeply influenced by the western culture, modern day observations, romance, philosophy, and spirituality and thus in order to express myself fully, poetry is my route and writing just makes me feel complete. I am currently keeping an eye open for writing as a career and have written lots of poems based on the themes mentioned above and wish to publish many books!


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