December 29, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Lakin Ogunbanwo



Ògbeni Làgbàyí






here i am,

useless like a pair of denim

birthing threads with fecund abandon.


here i sit,

looking back to my growing up,

the hopes and aspirations i had

to better a future promised by heads.


here i am,

after getting education,

the highest level i desire,

honing my skills to make my way versatile,

i trudge on my future pathway with heavy


praying to arrive at any destination.


here i am,

in my future that never be,

a futuresphere of choked dreams,

where hopes breathe not,

hunger becomes friendly,

ego morphed into an unwilling mendicant;

living a life “just there.”


here i go,


i don’t know.

all around

bleakness is what reigns,

but i have to go,

walking or crawling,

it’s end takes no dictates

from me.











the softness of your palm grates my flesh,

your soothing voice pinches my heart,

you provide me a sweet cane that bitters

my throat,

and your warm embrace chills my bones.


these things you do to me in my mum state,

you think the guiles and wiles fail my eyes?

the escapes built in me make it so,

but how long do you think your deeds would











Ògbeni Làgbàyí

Ògbeni Làgbàyí

Lagbayi is a teacher, writer, editor, arts and culture enthusiast. His writings revolve around societal problems especially situations that “ridicule” humanity. Although he engages in other forms of writings, prefers to make his feelings known through poetry. He has unpublished works and also has edited numerous works, academic and creative. He prefers to be known as lagbayi, in small case, with the “y” facing the other side.

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