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Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi



Letter to 2K17



Dear year in embryo,

I have waited for your arrival like a baby will do

Awaiting the tap from her mother to fill her mouth

To pour my mind to your young ear lubes hastily

That you may know what I hold to tell you

Since you were an unborn foetus, crawling

On the screen of x-ray, breathing by umbilical.


Firstly, let me report to you, what your sibling did,

He promised to bring back our long lost girls

To our waiting hands, from the clutch of insurgency

Yet, he betrayed us, making us feel hopeless

And he promised to make our succor from hunger

Even as our farmland sprung abundancy of grain

Yet lost sight from us when he came.


I will not forget what your younger brother did

When he was just two thousand and fifteen years old

He said to us joyous words of dashed hopes

To put dry smiles on our cracked lips and mouth

He said he would bring us a free smile when he came


Instead, by his word, smile and laughter became ostentatious

Inferior only to the rich, laughter and smiles were cheap

He told us of the blessings in disguise he brought

Your brother was a deceitful one, he was a political agent!


Now that you are years older than him, though a baby

I hope you will sell to us from your fingertips

Smile and laugher, at a free cost and happiness without que


Dear seventeen and two thousand years old,

I hope you will have a breath of satisfaction staying here

And that you have come by the grace we hope for

Please bring our dearest sisters for us from that bush


Dear two zero one seven figure, bless us

That by your departure, we may say thank God

That by your exit, we may write good words

That by your old age when you grow grey

We will have cause to want you come once more.






Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi

Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi

Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi (Ibn Mudeer) is a rational poet who writes mainly on society issues. His love for poetry knows no bounds, most of his works are featured in Nibstears.blogspot.com, Tuck Magazine and also the ‘NIZAMIAN’ an India college magazine. He took part in the Nizam college poetry competition and numerous others and has so many poems to his credit, including duels with other poets too. He has won the marathon author of the month from Pen Egg magazine in February and the 2nd position in the India Nizam college poetry competition in March. He was also listed among the 750 African poets, powered by poetrycourt.


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