January 9, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Joel Mataro



Broken Montague






Tiny little tweets of birds;

Warm breeze of the sea;

Wide green rice fields of the town;

It makes me feel like I am home.


Whenever I get weary,

I just grab my phone and dial the number.

It brings so much joy

Hearing sweet tone of an angel;

Hearing into an alluring sound

From an old, pretty lady; and

Hearing the big voice from a man of steel.


Maybe I am not with them personally,

But still, I will be embraced by their love unfailingly.

Thus, home is the most precious place in the world —

For me.









Life is…



Life is a mystery.

Life is a question that changes every time

You feel you found the answer.

Life is a purpose you cannot figure out and you can’t find it.

Life is a great battle of winning and losing.

Life sometimes contradicts itself.

Life goes up and suddenly goes down, and up again.

Life is about sacrifices, do it.

Life is about pain, endure it.

Life is about fears, conquer it.

Life is about friendships, treasure it.

Life is about promises, stand for it.

Life is about loyalty, prove it.

Life is about trust, be worthy of it.

Life is about respect, earn it.

Life is about truth, spread it.

Life is about death, accept it.

Life is about love, feel it.

‘Coz with no life, you are nothing.

And you are nothing without everything.

Therefore, life is everything.











Broken Montague

Broken Montague is a complete novice in the field of poetry. He is an educator from the Philippines who dreamt to inspire so many people through his own words. He used his broken past to pen his emotions and his soul as well. Broken Montague is a dreamer and a believer of LOVE. This is the primary concept of his poems because he believes that Love is great in all forms. He is deeply on the verge of happiness as these masterpieces come into reality.


  1. P C K PREM January 10, at 04:54

    Simple but meaningful. Wish him all the best.


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