January 10, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Rajesh Nair



Much More With Much Less



Silenced sound raged through deaf ears

Light and night undifferentiated to blind eyes

Sweating sun permeated to awaken perspiring pores

Chillness blanketed to withdraw in cocooning embrace


Velvety skin nibbled on faintest feel to spark

Memories walked down chewing bitten past

Choked drains collected monumental pall of gloom

Kicked dust from the trodden lane raising pungent air


Burnt fingers apologized to the discrete soul

Disheveled thoughts distracted in labyrinth

Mind bludgeoning into evanescent dreams

Elusive sleep perambulated in claustrophobic depths


Solo light imbued in clairvoyant clarity

Where acrimonious sympathy an intrepid venture

Feathered acceptance could end conflicting chaos

Much more with much less, belief supreme


Take me along, in my best form bestowed

Far from superior, than your colluded minds

Graceful empathy greeted with sublime joy

To share this wonderful experience called life











Flooding tears choked the greeting smile

Bubbling eyes made picture wobble

Lid closing to roll down under gravity

To accumulate fresh drops within limited space


Trembling words so difficult to decipher

Failing mouth breached secure heart

 Letting gush of warm air escape funneled

To envelope surround with ebb and flow


Organ singing the same tune in discord

Pulsating reverberations in confined space

Turbid heart flowing through emotional despair

Engrossed trepidation peaking in grief


The lament subdued in subtle chant

Elucidation in public to never yield

None would partake for themselves full

Some yet to be may laugh on other’s woes


Self inflictions for time to heal

Torn page leaves remnants in sticky heart

Future would inscribe on fresh blanks

Mutilated past forgotten with a long sigh











Rajesh Nair

A seasoned professional with 14 years of diversified experience as a Commissioned Officer in the Indian Navy in the Executive branch (Hydrographic cadre) encompassing meticulous survey operations, planning and time management, resource management men and material, Data compilation, Training and welfare, Relief operations, Safety and security aspects, Men, Material and Crisis management and also as an instructor of Indian and International Naval officers in the National Institute of Hydrography.

On exit from the Navy being absorbed in the role of Chief Security Officer in a Public sector, an undertaking for the past five years, and has a flair for poetry writing, animal care and save the planet campaigns.

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