January 13, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Marji Lang



Daipayan Nair



My Skeleton World



Each sip from the glass is a tsunami

for the sleeping, for the helpless.


Each gulp is a landslide shaking a few off.


Each piece of cloth is a new built city

with a new curtailment of freedom.


Each footwear is a rich corrupted betrayer

using the land for flight and not the land.


My skin sections call for the brutal killing of emotion

into pieces of love, hate and nothingness.


My flesh is unlimited wealth making me

greedier at the slightest flea sting.


My very breath is the open door in a cyclone.


My skeleton world is a combination of known,

unknown and deliberate tyrannies.












Daipayan Nair

Born in the year 1988 in a town named Silchar in Assam, India, Daipayan Nair is a freelance writer, author, poet, surrealist and admin of a few active groups on social media platforms. He writes poetry on an array of subjects. His poems have been published in quite a few international as well as national magazines and anthologies. He has also been awarded a few prizes including the recent Reuel International Prize For Poetry 2016. His recently published book containing his collection named ‘The Frost‘, a bouquet of lyrical poems, has gathered positive reviews from many spheres. He has also invented a new poetry form in the field of creative writing called ‘The Tideling‘.


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