Trump’s legality – Now it is others whom he would consider protesteth too much

January 16, 2017 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

Voices are now officially challenging the legality of President elect Trump’s triumph by refusing to acknowledge his forthcoming inauguration due to the obvious relevancy of so-called/determined hacking, fabrication, and/or true material duly leaked by the Russians or perhaps domestic sources in an effort to secure a win in the American election against Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, there is no statutory vehicle to declare the election results null and void. One wonders therefore, if impeachment after the inauguration is a viable method, however the fact remains that the Power in the Senate and Congress is pretty much a formidable force to get on one’s side, even moreso in this case with the numbers supporting Trump.

What can be done morally and ethically in such a situation or perhaps it is wiser to say what morally and ethically ought to be done.

Already, for a President elect, Trump has his feet under the metaphorical political table and has already networked, plus made promises to do this or that in domestic and international terms. A lot of this has been well received as far as it goes, so what happens if all bets are off?

Required finances for political campaigns are huge so preclude a re-run for probably all (except Trump and maybe Clinton). Given many wanted alternative candidates, would it be feasible just to give a list for all the ‘also rans’ together with Trump or Clinton, or as in Poker, should they be ‘burn cards’ now, i.e. discarded or include Hillary Clinton as she was the offended party in all this?

There is a saying I will have to modify slightly for politeness, but it says it is better to be inside throwing water out, than outside throwing water in.

President elect Trump is inside now even though he said before the vote that he may question the result if he lost, re potential IT tampering against him and his campaign. Hillary Clinton on the other hand has shown dignity and resigned to the inevitable.

The main problem now is that this challenge by others may be too little too late as President elect Trump has now made his key appointments and introduced business allies into senior roles so already the electorate are keen on a new approach to domestic and international politics and the points I made in my recent article, Three-Dimensional Political Games still stand. The ‘Official’ Trump game has already started. Perhaps it is too late to protest against now – or is it?

For those determined enough there will always be political plotting but it could backfire on them, even if President elect Trump is somehow removed from Office. He will be a hard act to follow and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

Do the people of America really want to return to the dry rhetoric of former years, and inaction on matters promised and ‘in principle’ already initiated by Trump? I doubt it now as the genie has been let out of the lamp!

There may be method in this madness after all which will be good for America now the die is cast. Only time (and further twists and turns initiated by others, or also by Trump himself), will tell.










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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