February 1, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Nicole B Hicks



Nothing Rhymes with Orange



Stuck with Trump and stuck with Pence

Between a wall and electric fence

But nothing rhymes with orange


Hateful hearts make blood run cold

Shaming the men who led, of old

But nothing rhymes with orange


Grab a pussy, fire a nuke

Twitter feed, filled with puke

But nothing rhymes with orange


Nasty woman, reporter gimp

Flapping his lips like an angry chimp

But nothing rhymes with orange


Bigly bad, greedy and crass

Forever kissing Putin’s ass

But nothing rhymes with orange


Three million more, give or take

Who didn’t fall for news so fake

But nothing rhymes with orange


This creep gets off on strife and schism

With bigotry, and every ‘ism’

But nothing rhymes with orange


Drain the swamp, and fill with piss

How did we ever come to this?

Because nothing rhymes with orange.











Nicole B Hicks

Nicole lives in Munhall, Pennsylvania, a small town near Pittsburgh, with her husband Skeeter, son Andrew, and one cat, Miss Kitty.

After working most of her life in retail sales and personal care, she took time to realize her dream of becoming a writer. The result is “Stone“, a Young Adult novel. Nicole is currently writing the sequel, “Stone & Glass” and compiling an anthology of children’s poetry.

Nicole is an avid reader of Fantasy and Young Adult Lit, as well as poetry. Her favorite authors include Terry Pratchett, Robin Mckinley and Tamora Pierce.


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