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Lynne Zotalis



This Is Not The Freedom Train


“With silent lips. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”



Strangest political climate

enabling pathological liars and idiots

solidifying the protest contingency

in a surprisingly positive and unified manner.

I shudder at the global impact

that instills fear, mistrust, and anxiety.

This country should be offering security and refuge.

It’s a sad day for those of us

being lumped in with a hate-filled and self-interested regime.

I’m appalled, shocked at the blatant bigotry

no longer under the surface, intolerance

now brazenly erupting within our trusted systems.

Maybe it is better that true colors are shown—the test of mettle,

exposed character (call it what it is)

so we know what we’re up against.

Storm’s brewin’, monster gale,

quickening pulse, pounding

with explosive force in all its destruction and resultant annihilation.

Executive order, Gestapo tactics, martial law,

National Guard, curfew, homeland security??

Don’t be lulled into complacency

awaiting a defibrillator.

Hear the drumbeat.

Join the resistance.

Ask yourself;

once the locomotive reaches full speed,

what will it take to stop it?





WHAT, me worry?



Slice through thick gray matter—Brain drain

Sun’s rays choked off—Ethics shudder

Eliminate light—Ominous confusion

Darkening squall—Dread

Oceanic rise—Logic ignored

Arctic heart—Numb environs

Glacial prescience—Consequence

Funnel cloud—Swirling hatred

Shocking avalanche—Prejudice sanctioned


Fortunate grizzly in cave—Retreat

Cloak of dreams—Tranquil

Head in sand—Peace











Lynne Zotalis

Lynne is a freelance contributor, author and poet practicing peace journalism through the Loft Literary Society in Minneapolis, MN being a member in their Peace and Social Justice Writer’s Group.

Environmental activism is pursued through specific organizations dedicated to managing and prohibiting large-scale mining of silica sand and also protecting our water resources. Carefully and expeditiously employing wise management of valuable natural resources, she is committed to ensuring a future for her children and grandchildren’s generations.

Saying Goodbye to Chuck was written after the tragic death of her husband as a journaling tool to assist those suffering from the loss of a loved one.

Lynne’s essay describing the pivotal axis of life’s direction was included in Turning Points, also available on Amazon.

Kenny and Sylvia’s Day Out, is a children’s book written and illustrated by Lynne championing kindness toward all, teaching the lesson of tolerance and inclusion.


  1. Leslue DeLuca February 08, at 00:47

    You raised my ire...you got me rattled..you're an attention demanding author/poet who swiftly slices through all the bs and brings us down to our knees in agreement with your highly exceptional writing; your words are gripping, screaming at me to read and most definitely sear our consciousness. I am worried.

    • Lynne Zotalis February 14, at 22:18

      Many thanks for your insightful comment, for taking the time to read and post. We gain courage through these affirmations, strength with numbers and hope to keep the faith. Every day I read the news with this quote, "What fresh hell is this?"


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