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Vlad Sokhin



Jordan Dean



My Ancestors



Long ago, my ancestors roamed this place

These mountains, jungles and mighty rivers

With bow and arrows and mud on their face

They were cannibals that fed on livers


From open savannahs to coastal plain

Rich with a vast range of animal life

They could make storm clouds and bring rain

My ancestors lived free and without strife


Missionaries came and said they’re unholy

You should never judge their tattooed cover

Why say their black magic was ungodly

When your fabled Jesus walked on water?


Never look at my people with distaste

And never draw such conclusions in haste








Papua New Guinea



In the Pacific lies a land of gold

An island floating on a sea of oil

She is my home and there I shall grow old

On these open plains and earth I shall toil


Whether you are watching her ocean waves

Enjoying the stars and moonlit night sky

Or exploring all of her wondrous caves

She keeps calling me in a haunting cry


Early sunrise brings hope for another day

Another day of praying for the best

Her sunsets give a magical display

Putting troubled minds and children to rest


She has embroiled me so tight with her heart

Her mighty grip, I can’t fight nor depart












Behind locked-up offices, and the secrecy

A delicate plan set, carefully spun

Cunning words combined with bibliomancy

Our forests were sold to Asians for fun

Agreements signed, their shares deposited

More jobs, they say in the media release

Yet the kina drops, prices inflated

We know it is a white-collar disease

Our leaders are puppets in miniature

Our haus tambaran is a mere circus

Puppets dance to the melody for sure

And play games in parliamentary caucus

For too long, we’ve entertained corruption

Don’t vote for puppets in the election













Jordan Dean

Jordan Dean was born on June 12, 1984 on Fergusson Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. He did his primary & secondary education in Alotau, PNG. He first studied for a Bachelor of Arts (Literature & Journalism) at the University of Papua New Guinea. He withdrew from the course in second year, 2004 and decided to take accounting and management.

He currently works with the Papua New Guinea (Research), Science and Technology Secretariat in Port Moresby and is the author of ‘Tattooed Face: A collection of Poems(2016) and Follow the Rainbow: Selected Poems(2016).


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