February 10, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Lee Friedlander



Bob Eager



Warning Antennas May Be Active



Could it be they are

Atomically tainted?

Beep. Beep.

Cast off an Electric charge:

Both positive and neutronic,


Danger! Danger!


Caution Livewire approach-

Hits like Effect before a cause.


Eep. Eep.


Extraterrestrials in the Power Plant?


Or A,

False Alarm;

Once Again

Everything for the moment is Safe!


They say there still may be something  circumspect:

There may appear to be Receivers from time to time!

OR better known as Antennas

continuing to charge?


Warning. Warning.

Certain or Certainly not.

Those Antennas May Be Proven to Be Quite Active?

Feep. Feep.









Melba Toast Kind Of Feelin



Becomes appealing only if it is…

The last thing on the shelf;

Or at the table grab it no one is watching-

Hard substance throws like a dog biscuit;


Some say it is a

Secret laboratory created hybrid;

Or Something Synthetic?

Enough to survive on but hard to crunch and your teeth may cringe.

Dangerous seemingly stale weapon?

Fake toast or is it?


Not a craving but a mediocre…

Get through the day bare minimum;


Hits me again.

A Last resort!

That Melba toast kind of feelin.












Bob Eager

Bob Eager’s work appears in Stray Branch, Leaves of ink, Camel Saloon, Vision With Voices among others. Bob also can be seen reciting poetry on a video channel called Charisma Corner. Bob addresses in these poems the Danger of Nuclear Infected Ants and pontificates on the question is Melba Fake or Real Toast.


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