February 13, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Mohamed Badr



Ndifreke George



Elastomer Bond



Mum always calling

The watch-dog at the gate

Listening to every car hoot

Disappointing outcome hates

Her heart always calling

Loving names of her pets

In the secret always praying

That they come not when it’s late

Their presence pockets her worries

Her love – their irresistible bait

And her breast milk in them flowing

They always keep her date











Like a signal in the nimbus

I can do without a microscope

The rattling from your thunderclap

Even the deaf can hear

Your enthralling clutch

Makes the fist of a stipple a rumour

My heart’s recto and verso

The scribble of your ink

The power of a zephyr

Already on the spot of a zit

Should have never been hungry again

With my tummy stuffed

We just bumped in yesterday

Yet, I feel too late to propose

I’m florid for your rum

And my steps sag for your melodious lies

But the succor is the crux

That you belong to a tsar

And a very dangerous dog watches you












Ndifreke George

Ndifreke George

Ndifreke George is an emerging writer and Nigerian graduate. First published at nineteen, his works have appeared on local newspapers and bulletin. He is presently a ‘Volunteer Literary Volunteer’ with braveartsafrica.com and a script writer with Humour TV. He is also a song-writer.


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