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Emmanuel Joseph



Not Too Long

Dedicated to the Sierra Leone People’s Party, on their effort in bringing peace alive in the party after some months of fighting for a flag bearer-ship



Pitter pattering feet

They matched

In the warmth of their garments

Around the world of the kapok tree

Folding hands in togetherness

Like green organisms leafing on stems

Sheltering their thoughts on one dream

With aims of ruling a beautiful realm

From the silence spewed a round of applause

Smiles etching the landscape of faces

Gathering the debris

Of love once abandoned

Leaving inner conflicts in the abysses of space

Like reefs in the depth of  fathomless oceans


Not too long ago

On green cloud of painted amity

They matched clouding their thoughts

On the shade of a palm tree

Gesturing hands to pour love

like poems of africanism

The love hiding behind closed doors

In a row they stood

Like lines in stanzas

inhaling the air breeding on Margai’s legacy


Not too long ago

In tinkle of eyelids

In gazing on my sight

I overwhelmed in shadows

In their still glowing dying embers of their political clan

Like embers of a wood set on fire

By winds from afar glade

Not too long ago

Contenders of a single throne

Of a clan nurtured by Milton

The embryo that renamed the sierra of cacophony

To the damsel called Sierra Leone

Threw away the warfare

The eons of tribal fighting

Like sapes against the bullom

on the hilltop of Sherbro island

Or sumbas in the mane invasion


Not too long ago

I saw them clinging on one dream

Holding a dirge for the posterity to sing

Echoing the pain for peace to reign

They smiled the smiles left by the gray

etching on the political souls i saw

They danced for the posterity to dance

The oath that chained them like

Organisms in puddles











Emmanuel Joseph

Emmanuel Joseph is a poet from Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, who writes on contemporary issues and past issues within living memory. He is presently studying politics at the Fourah Bay College, USL.

He heads an online poetry group of his fellow poets inspiring many over the years in engaging in the field of poetry. His book ”Green Foliage of Dried Leaves” will be out soon.


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