North Korea has a new Message in a Bottle

February 27, 2017 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

When I have read and listened to recent reports regarding the manner in which Kim Jong-nam was assassinated, it is a more worrying message to the West in a clever and simple package, and whilst the West concern themselves with the nuclear capability the North Koreans may be developing to potent and viable stage, they have an equally, if not more devastating tool in their arsenal of various (and banned) chemical weapons.

This is the point which concerns many and how is the West defending itself other than relying on the hope that sufficient quantities never leave Korea to be utilised anywhere in the world?

How anyone can preclude its carriage into the airspace of choice, whether rocketed or propelled by jet plane/drone and then released is not certain, and relying on intelligence only, then trying to prevent this weapon from leaving North Korea in the first place has to be almost impossible.

South Korea may be the obvious first area of risk for geographical and political reasons. After all, what is the difference, in their minds at least, between Russia reclaiming Ukraine (quite without enforceable rebuke to retract so far), and that of North Korea overcoming South Korea with their own preferred weapon of choice?

Kim Jong-nam was the half brother of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, Cain and Abel a comparison regarding the fact that no brotherly love existed between them, especially so, when once over, the most popular of the two was Kim Jong-nam.

Regarding the cameras in the airport itself, it is a fact that any assassination would be caught on camera unless it was done in circumspect method. Subtle.

However, subtle and odd is a strange mix. How many travellers or tourists anywhere run up to anyone, (especially women), and cover a man’s face with a handkerchief?

What struck me even before that, however, was the fact that the airport booking office/lounge area even looked as if the stage had been set, very few people around, whether staff, businessmen or visitors travelling from point A to B.

Another aspect is why was such a prominent political target ‘on his own’ mostly? Then again, even if he were to be surrounded by bodyguards, an assassination using a similar method, or more customary weapons, would be just as easy. Why was he in the booking hall/lounge area at all? It was either for the purpose of an alibi or to send a message out to all, especially Kim Jong-un’s own people, then the South Koreans, the West et al.

The cameras showed that when Kim Jong-nam tried to get help, either nobody was around or showed they were rushing to help. The truth is, this assassination could have easily been accomplished behind the scenes, probably at any time, any place.

Therefore some commentators are saying this public assassination served two purposes – first to eliminate a troublesome and disliked half-sibling and secondly, to show the West how easy “they” can do it and the West should think hard about that fact.

I hope it is duly noted by those who need to produce a counter measure and protect mankind from this powerful threat. It does tend to make one wonder however, such disclosure infers the weapon they used in the killing must have its own half-brothers in other bottles and vats.

A good poker player/or student of Sun Tzu never shows a true hand and what they do disclose is done for a reason, either effect, deterrent or game move for which only they have the rules.










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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