Britain’s Shame: IICSA child sex abuse inquiry public hearings under way

February 28, 2017 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

I watched the commencement of this Hearing, television preamble interviews and discussion. It is a shocking indictment against all the perpetrators involved.

The Hearing must get to the truth about so many things, such as:-

Who in Government decided at the time to countenance this scheme, one which, in fact, was no more than child slavery – gathering, collating this innocent human and vulnerable cargo from all parts of the UK, then transporting to various points of the British Empire/Commonwealth?

How did they get away with it?

What was the real motive behind it, especially, as in the later years of this dreadful practice, children (Kindergarten Trains), had arrived in England post WWII years, facilitating the rescue of children from the clutches of the Nazi regime and providing them with a safe and better life.


Double standards were in play.

It had historically been taken as read that the migrant children sent from the UK to South Africa, Canada, Australia, etc, were orphans.

Even if they were orphans (which we learn now that they were not), surely it was even more important for them to stay in the country of their birth where good caring new families could be found for them and monitored ongoing. They could learn about their ‘lost’ families – but now we see that as they were not lost at all that is a further reason they had to be despatched overseas.

But why? Then again, one is almost frightened to hear the true reason as it must be even more disgusting than what we are currently being told or finding out.

It was said today that even a child as young as two was despatched as a migrant. Still a baby of sorts. That also breaks one’s heart.

The children themselves were lied to and told they were orphans. One video link prior to the Hearing was from a poor man who only found out decades later that his Mother was in fact still alive and had been looking for him.

Some giving evidence have already broken down and our thoughts go out to them. They are brave to come forward. There will be some testimonies to come which will be ‘in camera’ which is understandable.

So now kidnapping is involved in this whole dreadful indictment against the Government, Institutions and Religious Organisations of the UK.

Like most of the nation, I love my country but am totally ashamed by the actions of its Leaders during these despicable and debased years – ‘not in my name’ or knowledge.


This story gets worse.

The Hearing is (at least presently) only dealing with England and Wales in that Scotland will be having its own Inquiry but the statement was made that the issues did relate to every part of the UK.

Sexual abuse existed in the establishments and related charity groups before the children were even gathered in readiness to go abroad, then again on board the ship which transported them to their new life.

Worse still, it continued upon arrival in their new ‘homes’.

Apparently, the children, prior to sailing, were all given smart new clothes and were assigned State Rooms on the ship being fed wonderful food. Euphemistically, like sweet innocent lambs to the slaughter.

Upon arrival, the new clothes were taken off them as they were not working clothes. When assigned their new homes, regular beatings and hard work beyond the capability of a child was an everyday existence.

Then, of course, the sexual predators.


Countless religious churches and organisations were listed and the names referred to in the initial outline of today’s Hearing, and for some readers, there were a few shocks as some of these names have always been in the background of any kind of bad press. I am not sure they are all listed in the link so it is not for me to do so at this point, but “survivors” will be naming them specifically as evidence is given.

Hearing days will concede timings to enable video evidence from the countries concerned where ‘survivors’ cannot travel to the UK because of reasons of health or age. Some are now deceased so Justice will not be seen by them but hopefully will still be achieved in their name.

The proceedings of today’s Hearing were live but with a five minute delay. This was in case inadvertently, there was any breach of data protection in evidence thus enabling remedial intervention which would be duly noted by broadcasting to stop then recommence with suitable explanation.

It was ironic then, to subsequently learn that a data breach had taken place regarding the prior circulation of an email which disclosed (presumably unnoticed as open cc to all in file), everyone’s name therein as a survivor.

It was then said in the BBC News regarding detail of this error, it was thought that a second email therefore requested the recipients to delete the first that they had received.

Due to reasons of ages in respect to these ‘survivors’ living in the aforementioned countries, it was given as the reason for commencing with this category first.

I would like to finish this article with a verse from the Bible which came to mind whilst I was writing:

Suffer little children to come unto me for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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