Mrs May’s unrequited love for the UK

March 6, 2017 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

Mrs May, yet again, did not disappoint with her outline of the importance and meaning of the United Kingdom.

Yet against that sincere heartfelt honesty, even if it is not every day such tribute can be given in respect of any politician, the children in the Scottish and Welsh Nurseries were revolting, in many senses of the word.

Andrew Neil, on BBC2’s Daily Politics show, first of all interviewed David Mundell MP, the Government’s Scottish Minister, and one felt a little sorry for the man in that he rarely had a chance to respond to a quick-fired question, before Andrew Neil hurled another one. The interview was also via video link.

Mr Mundell, in true style of a ‘gent’ not only broke stride to adjust accordingly to give prompt responses to them all, (not easy to do and recall what one was going to say in response to the first question then return to same after questions two and three had also been hurled), but he answered the specific points and did not dodge the issues.

Then Andrew Neil interviewed Angus Robertson, SNP Westminster Leader, again the discussion via video link

All hell broke loose in that in contrast, where Mr Mundell spoke fluently and in straight-forward language, Mr Robertson was really floundering on so many levels sufficiently so that he should never work as a salesman for second hand cars.

The only ‘patter’ he had was full of less than even the level of a platitude. It was, as is often the case, full of SNP anger and almost hate. I am amazed they can believe their own verbiage.

I have outlined the points many times in articles about Scottish Independence – some of which I am sure they have never considered as issues.

Just one part of that list I would like to refer to herein.

In the UK, a National Vote or Referendum, falls or stands on the National Majority – that is an historical fact.

Isn’t it ironic, the Leavers of Brexit are told they didn’t understand what they had voted for, should have been told of the single market, etc, etc. Yet why is it nobody asked or complained before the Referendum that any majority UK vote would not be fair to Scotland or Wales?

Even the House of Lords’ Amendment to the Brexit Bill regarding unilaterally confirming residency to EU citizens in the UK was not discussed prior to the Brexit Referendum and could be an attempted Single Market Trojan Horse, i.e. Rose by another name. A point, I am sure, has not been missed by Mrs May.

As Lord Tebbit said during the debate, why is everyone concerned about all these foreigners rather than UK citizens living abroad. Nobody replied to that though as they only wished to speak about the opposite view.

I have previously stated that The Prime Minister represents England and we as English people are fine with that, but perhaps the time has come that England becomes Independent and within England, each town ad infinitum (Passport to Pimlico style). At least then English people can say they are English again, not just British. The Scots, Irish and Welsh can always declare their name but the English cannot.

Many of us agree with Mrs May that the United Kingdom is special and we all grew up as one special family of nations yet respecting each one therein. However, if England is being shown unrequited love then perhaps we should say goodbye to the other nations.

Be sure of one thing though, Mrs May will bring ALL the UK out of Europe, then Mrs Sturgeon will have to apply to Europe if Scotland wish to rejoin; if Europe want Scotland. Andrew Neil’s interview with Angus Robertson was hilarious as Mr Robertson could not name one country who wanted them, whereas in contrast Andrew Neil confirmed there were none.

Andrew Neil went on to name many representing Spain who categorically stated that Scotland could not stay in the Single Market if the UK left and went on to quote their specific remarks.

Mrs May is trying to get the best deal for the whole of the UK which includes Scotland, and a nod should be as good as a wink to a blind man. The trouble is, Scotland does not realise they are hindering their own cause, such is their political blindness.

Mrs May was correct to say that politics is not a game.

The Scots are also biting off the hand that feeds them as if they keep trying to scupper Mrs May’s talks before they begin with EU countries then the Prime Minister also has the power not to come home with a present for the Scots at all, indeed, at this rate what incentive does she have to even try!

There is no mandate for a Scottish Referendum even after Brexit is completed and I think Mrs May is correct that there is no mood for another Scottish Referendum – part of the job of any good leader of a country is to sense the mood of the people.

Besides, the promise was made that the Scottish Referendum a few years back was for a generation and nothing has changed. That is because the Brexit Referendum was a UK vote not excluding Scotland.

I am reminded of the story once again of two fighter pilots who gave their lives in WWII as pilot and co-pilot, they fought side by side, died side by side and are buried in a military cemetery side by side – if Scotland becomes Independent then one of them will have to be re-buried in Scotland. The relatives even commented that if they had thought decades later that there would be such a distinction then they would have said ‘what were they fighting for?’

Many of us have English and Scottish blood and are proud of our heritage – do we really want a hard border transposing Hadrian’s Wall into a President Trump wall?

England will not forget or forgive and if Scotland wanted to return when Scotland realised they had made a mistake – there could be a referendum in England and they may say No. The same goes for Wales. Their emulating Scotland is almost more offensive in some ways having been under the protective wing of England historically when England could have shed any responsibility. What of The Prince of Wales – also the Coronation Oath?

To those who say any State Visit by President Trump would embarrass HM The Queen, they say nothing about what embarrassment is caused by Scotland and Wales.

Do we assume Scotland will anoint their own Queen or are they going to cherry pick, though the Pound is beyond their reach.

Think twice Scotland before you let Mrs Sturgeon lead you down the garden path that leads nowhere.










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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