March 13, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Sandy Rochelle



I No Longer Wait



You speak to me ..but I do not hear you..

Not in any real way.

I damage my ear–Van Goch style–to make a point.

The wind speaks to me..

The earth awaits my fall..

I am not unhappy–just alone..

You left me without warning..

You knew..

I did not..

I awaited redemption..

You did not..

I awaited

I awaited

Salvation took an unknown turn..

A different turn..

You were told by some silent mystery

I was not-

I no longer wait.








Unforgiven Dream



Your sad voice called my name.

Are you unhappy?

Are you disappointed in me?

I thought you were proud of me.

You mentioned insignificant people for unknown reasons in my dream.

What does that mean?

I struggle to find keys to accelerate the carriage.

What does that mean?

There was water and a bear that we could not pass- what does that mean?

I felt you presence after the dream..

I know you don’t want to set me back so you stayed silent.










Sandy Rochelle

Sandy Rochelle is an award winning poet, actress and filmmaker. Sandy hosted and narrated the PBS series, ”On Our Own,” winner of the President’s Award.

She is the recipient of the Autism Society of America’s Literary Achievement Award and is a featured artist in the documentary film, ”The Life of a New York City Poet.

Her book of poetry: Soul Poems was published by Finishing Line Press. Individual publications include: Visions International, Connecticut River Review, West Wind Review and Spirit In the Words.

Sandy, wrote, produced, narrated and directed the Documentary Film: SILENT JOURNEY, about her son David, who is autistic and deaf. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and appeared on Broadway with the Acting Company of Lincoln Center. Sandy is a Voting Member of the Recording Academy, (the Grammy’s) and has the honor of being named New York State, ”Mother of the Year”. Here words can also be found on ‘Speak Without Interruption‘.

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  1. P C K PREM March 13, at 10:29

    Teasing and subtle A few revelations and many hidden in explicit documents that life contains.


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