Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon’s diplomatic gaffe

March 14, 2017 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

It was Commonwealth Day yesterday, and while watching BBC2, around 11am, the network kept updating the viewer that any minute there would be a live broadcast ‘within minutes’/’any minute now’, which then changed to ‘in about fifteen minutes’ as Her Majesty The Queen will be handing a baton to an athlete in respect of the next Commonwealth Games.

In the interim the viewer was shown a close up of Buckingham Palace Forecourt where children with representative Nation flags were flanking the entrance, a guitarist commenced a performance and others outside the Palace Grounds, were interviewed regarding the design of the baton within which Her Majesty The Queen will place a message inviting the Commonwealth Family of Nations to the next Commonwealth Games.

Then all of a sudden the viewers were told that they were now being taken to a live announcement by Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh giving her statement that she intended to ask the Scottish Parliament, next week, to agree that the Scottish people should have another referendum, etc, etc, – same disgruntled content as always.

The BBC then eventually left that coverage and just in time to begin Daily Politics at noon, but advised that viewers could continue watching questions to Nicola Sturgeon, post speech, on another channel or via the red button – though we had already semi-heard a few questions (poor microphone quality for journalists present to be fully heard), but did hear the replies thereof. This begs the question/excuse, that may also be why the replies did not really answer the point and would still have been a ‘fit-all’ response anyway!

BBC2 then just had time to make passing references/bumper feature, etc, before the commencement of Daily Politics. All the viewer saw were a few seconds of the flag bearers marching out of the Palace grounds (presumably that event now concluded), with a brief comment in support. No detail about the ceremony itself or when or where it could be seen either at the time or after.

It is worth noting that a BBC outside journalist announced the arrival of Her Majesty to Buckingham Palace, and presumably the Royal Standard (though he referred to ‘flag’) being flown.

It was odd therefore, given the running commentary from the BBC as to timings before ceremony was due to begin, for Her Majesty not to keep to any previously agreed time-schedule. This caused me to wonder if Palace Authorities either had been told to delay or chose to delay upon receipt of news of Nicola Sturgeon’s broadcast. Upstaged by a lower billing ‘Act’..?

Within Daily PoliticsSNP representative was asked why Nicola Sturgeon made her announcement today but the answer resorted to general SNP rhetoric.

In essence, Nicola Sturgeon had given the impression, at least, that she wanted to get her message across first before Mrs May’s fight in the Commons later in the day, and The Lord’s acceptance or otherwise to the Bill (Amendments presumably superseded or retracted thereon), to trigger Article 50.

Even allowing for all that, Nicola Sturgeon could have chosen an earlier time frame in the day or one inbetween the ceremony of The Queen handing over the Commonwealth Baton to the athlete, and that of afternoon Parliamentary Debate.

Nicola Sturgeon was emphatic on stealing the moment, and snubbing Her Majesty The Queen – oh dear. The BBC, in having coverage of this speech also should have (and may have) informed Nicola Sturgeon’s office about the event at Buckingham Palace. Likewise, Nicola Sturgeon’s office should have checked on other UK events such as this one, or perhaps they did. Is one side or both to blame?

Nicola Sturgeon’s words were obviously disingenuous at times when her remarks were aimed to be that of a humble Scottish representative.

I do hope in any Referendum that Nicola Sturgeon also advises the Scottish people that they may be voting for either the EU or the UK and perhaps not both.

Not one Country in the EU wants any separate allegiance with Scotland and therefore as the whole of the UK will be leaving the EU then Scotland would have to re-apply and would probably be denied. So on the one hand Nicola Sturgeon warns of a Brexit cliff yet is leading fellow Scots off another one.

Two factors she is not informing her fellow Scots about are as follows:

If the Scottish people vote for devolution just to apply to the EU years down the road (as they cannot stay in the EU under the UK name, nor any part thereof), then those remaining in the UK will insist on a hard border, and I have listed in previous articles about 12 or more aspects that devolution will create for Scotland – also, the nerve of wanting trade to continue with the UK if devolved. Best of all worlds after such a betrayal.

If the Union with the UK and all that has been shared for so long in historical times (but more importantly the last Century during World Wars) means nothing to Scotland, nor the inter-marriages of Scottish with other people of the Union (and descendants still living in all UK Countries), then if the Scots choose to stay in the EU they do not deserve, and will lose, any loyalty from remaining UK Nations.

The wisest and more honourable thing to do would have been to wait post Brexit when Britain has a year or two with new trade deals, Commonwealth Countries, America and if possible other Countries as then Scotland would know if they really wanted devolution or if they would be glad they did not leave the UK.

Perhaps that is what scares Nicola Sturgeon the most!









Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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