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Pitambar Naik



Those Three years in Sambalpur



How a tender bird ventures to take off

The transverse and ponderous sky mocks.

Does it lend a helping hand? That’s neither rosy nor easy

In a spiraling gloomy terrain what needed was a fine balance

A distant and unknown land is not that of a fairy tale

Alien type people; tongue twisting dialects

Unlimited golden rice fields; smell of rice liquor

The hallucinogenic khadia dance

The golden dew of winter mornings collapsed a tender heart.


The breasts on her brown body just a fairy heaven

Fresh and pristine currents of the Hirakud Dam

Played the flute in the rangabati tone, what a love tale!

Kumar Hassan blossomed, honey and butterflies, poetry

I watched hundreds of nights painting the enigma of Anita Bagh, my classmate

The honeyed connection with an adolescent past

Flung a lot many forgotten intimacy; how can I discard them?

Sparkling dewdrops upon the hilarity of GM College campus

How good all was to excavate the history of Chengiz Khan, and then

The love abode of Mamtaj, her crevices in between and the loveable breasts

With the smoke of cigarettes and hot tea concoction a few pegs of Champaign

Joy de vivre draped and went tidal over the cerulean corridors

Malini Mishra’s extra marital relations

Deepa Mehta’s Fire slashed the Indian macho of hypocrisy!


Every Nuakhai and Chaitra dawned with loads of rollicking fanfare

The heart guzzling folk songs of Ram Harpal rangabati go rangabati

A clumsy cobweb of dispossession and depravity spiraled Ainthapali to Bhutapara

Kumari Mistry waited daily on the brim of every evening for some one

Her drunkard father dashed the icicle of the tattered hut on a daily basis

Factory workers from a nearby factory returned with chucking stomachs

Those sweet, scary scars and acrimonious empathies yet lead me to remind

Stashed myriads of standoffishness and hid a hellish quagmire.








Love Elegies



The autumn river goes ecstatic, a shaft of emotions ejaculates

The ranchers sit on the brimming excitement, wait for their turn

We merge together and become one confluence, sing and flow calmly

We play hide and seek with death like a phoenix, our habit

In a frequent interval, we close our eyes and watch heaven in between us

In a quilt heavy workout, prolonged gasping for breath

A thick forest of the Arabic perfumes

We can’t at all recuperate from insanity, it takes centuries.


I feel your intense whirring in my heart

My fingers rush to the tip of your breasts and the plateau down

To the centre the deeper abyss where life hugs eponymous salvation

The most ultimate, I seek after

My avaricious lips collide with yours

Your spongy and smooth sandal wood-like arms

And the amorous bulwark of red sandal in your thigh

I try to fathom the depth of our ancient wickedness

Fleshy want, caverned gaudiness.


Abundant contentment, piles of daffodils, upbeat hope

Sufficient to keep up the voyage to hit the shore

No fear of storms, only the fear of losing you makes me droopy

The tulip garden of Kashmir looks like a newlywed woman

Your elegant groins exude the spring serum.


We hide in the silhouette of the new moon

A heavy rain drenches our scattered kisses, uncollected passion

The rapture of the secretly stored tickling

The warmly flickering embrace of the night slips away

Leaving the footprints of a love god

You depart with the receding aroma of night jasmines

Birds open up the petals of the morning in their filmy chirping

No silhouette of our love moon,

Only the dead body of it lies shrouded far off

In a patch of the sky your eyes sing an album of love elegies.












Pitambar Naik

Pitambar Naik was born and raised in Odisha in India, went to Gangadhar Meher College in Sambalpur for a BA and Osmania University for an MA in Journalism. He is an advertising copywriter based in Hyderabad and writes poetry and non-fiction in English. He has been featured in journals such as Brown Critique, Spark Magazine, CLRI, Indian Review, Indian Ruminations, Galaxy-IMRJ, Forward Poetry, UK, Hunter Poems, UK, Muse India, HEArt Online in the USA, Indian Periodical, Poetic Prism, An Anthology of Poetry of Indian poets and elsewhere. Some of his poems are due to be featured in Metaphor in the Philippines and in the Kitab, Singapore. He can be reached at [email protected]


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