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March 15, 2017 OPINION/NEWS

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Laboni Saif

Let me introduce you to a group of buoyant youth from a small village named North Shadurkhil under Bangladesh’s Chatkhil subdivision.

An organization named ‘Ashohai der jonno amra progoti jubo shongho’ or Progoti Youth Club was founded by a group of youth living in the same village who are merely students. At the beginning no idea was conceptualized to set up such an organization yet they were undoubtly enthusiastic to do something for the destitute around them.

They started preaching in every ear, inspiring everyone to take a step toward their effort, seeking support and encouragement. No endeavour is in vain if you want it wholeheartedly. Evidence took shape before them when they noticed a beacon of hope lit up. People from the richer section and former youths of the village came forward and prolonged their hand toward their splurge. Their vehemence soon turned into action with a more richer fund. Now they are more organized and mature as a club than before as they are now helping poor landless peasants who are enduring chronic diseases.

The youth are that ethnic group in society who are able to show others guidance. They must shape their life in such a heroic way that they will live a long life even after death. Their fellow people would be proud to have a life oi their lifetime. They would fearlessly say we lived in a time of those heroes, and we have walked with peers. Man rises and falls like winter but they will live forever and always in human hearts.









Laboni Saif

I have completed my graduation on English Literature from the International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh. Currently, I am living in Dhaka. I write poetry and fiction (both in Bengali and English).

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  1. P C K PREM March 15, at 10:13

    An inspiring tale of struggle to achieve the objective. Perhaps humankind and for that matter wise people around the world ought to think how best they can make lives of the farmers, the workers and the destitute more comfortable. If men do it,they prolong happiness of humanity. A good start it is. I am ware many more are working in this direction...a ray shows the path.A good read.


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