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March 16, 2017 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY


Harshal Desai



I am aware of the intrinsic quality of art. Fractal art in particular is a personal narrative, the way I see it, to represent identities that flow. I am a harbinger of the twenty first century, with primitive and avant-garde influences. Without being concerned about placing my work under a rubric, I aim to symbolise a cosmic order of fluidity.

Regardless of whether I utilise an onion skin, mulberry paper or a digital canvas for my craft, there are a plethora of encompasses I deal with. I am particularly interested in the multitudes of color, textures, hues, the non-linear way of looking at all we experience. Unless the abstraction makes one aware and heightens ones sense of experience, the piece is incomplete. Through these fractals I attempt to create a communication pattern that transcends the physical into aspects of the metaphysical.

The works of art represent a symbolic relationship with dream narratives and colored accents. I employ a sense of narrative to my pieces to present the printmaking of thoughts and reimaginations. I operate with the thought that graphic art is not just concerned with illustration, but also a juxtaposition of ideas. It is that embodiment that traverses in the forms and shapes of my work.



The Nautilus




Underwater Colonies




Angels and Demons




Celestial explosion




Fire and Ice




Flight of the Phoenix













Harshal Desai

Harshal Desai believes in silences, moss clad rocks, soliloquies of stars and scents of blank pages. Innately anthropomorphic, nature is a vast source of inspiration for him. On a typical day, you can find him by the seashore, and other natural spaces, in the captivating essence of the oikeios. Professionally, a scholarship awardee from Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore, he holds a Masters degree in design. He understands the intricacies that design and art bring and finds much inspiration in creating sustainable solutions for the world. His work is published in Verbal Art, FineFlu, National Geographic, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, The Type Image, 805Lit, Door is a Jar, Asian Signature, Spark, and SickLit Magazine. Email him at [email protected]


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