March 16, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Indunil Madhusankha



Bringing History to the Limelight



In no small abundance

their history has much bloodshed and massacre

to hail to the whole world

as their unfailing achievement


More than thousands and thousands of lives

was their thirst for power

that saw mere nothingness

The pages of its blood-inscribed chronicle

countless in numbers with accounts on

sinister eyesores

Bombs, guns, shells, bullets and all other explosives

Synthetic man eaters

not leaving even the infants


Once the bodies blasted into tiny flesh pieces,

the blood sprayed upwards and

mingled into a pool on which the fragments of flesh

swam around in search of renascence


They saw blood steeped flesh cords

hanging out of newly committed wounds

on their own bodies

A few minutes before the irrevocable destiny


Foul smelling pale corpses like carcass

mounded on streets, pavements, schools, and

playgrounds like rotting stagnant fish

In abattoirs, coils and coils of barbed iron wires

tightened round their bodies

while trails of blood poured down


The dead if possible would make a ladder of themselves

and descend down from heaven

into the earth to unveil the torture

they underwent

that sounds inexplicable in words


The chunk of hideous hostilities,

may be you yearn to forget

Yet there surfaces a difficulty

for the fright has entered into your bloodstream

and runs perennially throughout the body

If the dead history

just simply evaporates from your memory,

the utter unawareness may lead to

a smouldering of the past scars

So let its memory pass

from generation to generation

even to the posterity

Don’t let this sleeping dog lie

for at this point ignorance is not bliss

and may result in

unpredictable, tremendous jeopardy













Indunil Madhusankha

Indunil Madhusankha is currently an undergraduate reading for a BSc Special Degree in Mathematics at the Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo. Even though he is academically involved with the subjects of Mathematics and Statistics, he also pursues a successful career in the field of English language and literature as a budding young researcher, reviewer, poet and content writer. Basically, he explores the miscellaneous complications of the human existence through his poetry by focussing on the burning issues in the contemporary society. Moreover, Indunil’s works have been featured in many international anthologies, magazines and journals.


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