March 22, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Hasan Baglar



Durgesh Verma



An insect’s query


“I laugh

I dance

I sing

the songs.


On the soft

green branch

I stand firmly

with four legs.


But an unanswered question is

in my head –

Who says –

I am just an insect?


See my hands are

in pose.

Wings are

half spreaded of course.


My little mind is developing

a new life concept.

Who says –

I am just an insect?


Though, I know

my life is too short.

Yet, I’m filled it

with colorful art.


I live happily

without having any expect.

Who says –

I am just an insect?


I’ve captured

the flowing sands of time

and have mixed it with cement

for a perfect wine.


Wine which may give

a wonderful moment ceaseless.

Who says –

I am just an insect?


Sometimes I’m racing

with the waves

to search the destination

of my self respect.


My existence in this world isn’t

by mistake.

Who says –

I am just an insect?”









The Frozen Blackberry



“An unknown sadness

and madness prevails.

The heart bereft from

inner peace.


A peculiar prong

spreads on the bushy path.

Which offers violent weapon to a person

and snatches his all artistic means.


On the other hand-


The frozen blackberry

is eagerly awaiting for sunbathe.

Its branch shakes

with wavy wind increase.


So, search the door of calmness

in nature’s lap.

You’ll feel a fresh warmth of love

which is itself a masterpiece.”












Durgesh Verma

Durgesh Verma is a Social Worker in Uttar Pradesh, India. Currently he is working for the State Government Programme- National Health Mission as a Divisional Programme Assistant- Quality Assurance. He has a track record of fund raising and publicity and is a skilled communicator.

He has worked with the NGO- ‘SPARSH…TOUCHING LIVES‘, at Varanasi in several fields as a President. Helping to generate placements for older girls in the workforce and helping to give older youths the options for self employment as well as empowering women who are supporting their families by enabling them to access education and skills. He has participated in National workshop on ‘Role of Higher Education in the Development of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India’ which was held in 18th & 19th March, 2016 in Institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has too participated in ‘Development Dialogue 2016‘ which was held in 19th July, 2016 in Swatantrata Bhawan Auditorium, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. This year, 7 of his compositions are published in USA in Feelings International: A Book of International Artists Vol.2 , 3 of his compositions are published in Canada in Voices of Humanity Volume 2 and a composition is published in Australia in THE AUSTRALIA TIMES POETRY- Volume 4 No.23.

A University post graduate, Durgesh post graduated with a degree in Commerce from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth University, Varanasi.  He speaks Hindi and English and in his spare time enjoys listening to all genres of music, swimming, writing poems in Hindi, Urdu & English, which may help lead to global peace and harmony.”


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