March 24, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ahmad Al-khatat



Freedom On Earth



As one immigrant,

I always seek for

Freedom in exile.


I thought it was

In a can or frozen

Food, or a liquor.


So many confusions,

A few long questions,

Nobody has the facts.


I did math with letters,

I got Aero in percentage,

Joy versus grief in numbers.


I read the moon diary,

From the sun rays to

Find the answers I need it.


The freedom on earth,

It’s becoming a nightmare,

Humans are now animals.


Teenagers are growing fast,

Adults are falling in depression,

Parents are walking separate.


Keep up with the Kardashians,

Your dream to be Kim or Khloe,

Learn from their lives and live.


Freedom it’s a new religion,

With a holy magazine of Playboy,

Awful fantasies are the prayer.


The pastor of church weeps,

The nun becomes one stripper,

The sinner owns Jesus Christ.


The devil wins over freedom,

Fighters kill their own relatives,

No mercy to baby breast milking.


The poet writes and nobody reads,

The homeless attend all funerals,

And the poems die in bible verses.


The freedom on earth it’s a miracle,

The magicians cannot change it,

As long as humans run carelessly.








Due To My Color Skin



I wake up alarming of

The sun begets me lightless.


I walk with one-foot in

Grave, weak to find a mate.


I am a guard fencing

In an observant civilization.


I fail in cheerfulness,

Facing my tearful bleakness.


Due to my color skin,

Unmentionable as one being.


I write slant rhyme,

Amongst the loner villains.


I renounce old times,

Onto my beloved generosity.












Ahmad Al-khatat

I was born in Baghdad on May 8th (1989). From Iraq, I came to Canada at the age of 10, the same age when I wrote my very first poem back in the year 2000. I currently study Political Sciences, and move on to study Journalism at the Concordia University in Montreal.

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  1. P C K PREM March 24, at 06:11

    Freedom on Earth paints a depressing scenario. Perhaps, future generation if does not improve,will face possible extinction. The freedom on earth it’s a miracle, The magicians cannot change it, As long as humans run carelessly. He looks prophetic.


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