Politics Of Failure: Congress Moves Away From Trump

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Mark Davis

Juggling numbers to validate a point in a discussion is nothing new to those on the left. Obamacare was passed into existence with lies and persists by the same methodology. Claiming millions would be hurt when Obamacare’s claws are finally removed from the health system is nonsense.

Many who moved over to Obamacare were members of the Medicaid set originally and as a point of reference this charitable benefit still exists. Whether 15 or 20 million will lose health care coverage via Obamacare’s demise is irrelevant. This group has government programs to help them. Left out of the equation are 200 million people whose private health insurance costs moved into the stratosphere because a very bad piece of legislation was signed into law in March of 2010. Political dynamos want to substitute another piece of trash legislation in its place. Gladly it failed on the first go around.

Slowly filtered out of the dark corridors of Congress were bits and pieces of another potential health care disaster. Intraparty politics amongst the Republicans doomed health care reform before President Trump took office. Sub legislative caucuses each wanted their own version of reform to pass. With no clear consensus political leaders failed to convince sufficient numbers to side with the pending disaster placed before them. Therefore a vote, for now, has been tabled until party unity is achieved and hence a viable health initiative can be formulated.

Omitted from the debate is the human element. Under the canopy of health care reform politicians have forgotten the medical personnel and patient population affected by their twisted legislative proposals.  The whole purpose of this legal exercise is to bring health costs down not elevate personal egos. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has shown he is an ineffective leader yet he will not vacate his position to someone with foresight and marketing skills. Moving legislation forwards requires certain aptitudes not displayed by Ryan. Since Gingrich is not available perhaps someone of equal talents will step forward.

President Trump was a CEO of a major corporation. His ability to get the job done was not a problem because one mind established policies and the rest followed suit. In Washington Trump must contend with 538 people who have a stake in each piece of legislation and its final outcome. Welcome to Washington D.C. where gridlock will affect the best of intentions, as President Trump has displayed. No one could have predicted the President’s own political party would be the obstructionists, yet they are. Many of these depleted minds must confront their electorate base back home and they are mad. Lindsey Graham’s recent Town Hall discussion exemplifies the hostilities awaiting many others when they attempt to explain the failure to repeal Obamacare.

A string of career suicides will follow for neglecting to keep campaign promises. My perspective is Trump will go directly to the American public and point out who blocked health care reform on his side of the aisle. The delay in repeal and replace Obamacare will be indelibly marked on the electorate’s mind. Yet I believe President Trump will not be hurt by this failure because he will make sure people know he gave it his best.









Mark Davis

Mark Davis

Native of Brooklyn New York presently living in Northern Maryland. Graduate of SUNY Syracuse Medical School with an MD and a zillion postgrad credits in medicine and the sciences. I traded my stethoscope for a pen 10 years ago. My present vocation is writing articles for various media platforms. I also manage bestproofreadingeditingbookreviews.com which charges nominal fees to perform work for authors, industry and other groups/people. Married with three grown children and 1 very happy grandson.


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