Mrs May meets Nicola Sturgeon prior to triggering Brexit

March 28, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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Hazel Speed

Mrs May returned to Scotland today, firstly to broadcast a statement outlining her vision for the United Kingdom to become even stronger after Brexit.

Her remarks were sincere and upbeat, reiterating aspects from previous statements, but this time trying to enthuse the Scottish people, as well as the rest of the UK, regarding what opportunities were now before Britain and it was important that at this time, the various countries of the UK came together.

Prior to meeting Nicola Sturgeon Mrs May had made it clear that there would be no possibility of another Scottish Referendum until Brexit had been completed. Also, that the Scottish people would not have the outcome of Brexit talks until near the end of all the deliberations, therefore they would have nothing to vote on before then.

Nicola Sturgeon, like a terrier not letting go of a trouser leg, still insists on an independence referendum at that time before the Brexit deal is signed off, but that does not make sense; Scotland cannot stay in the EU as an independent country but has to leave as part of the UK, then it would have to re-apply to join the EU, so what is the virtue of another independence referendum at that time? Also not one country in the EU is rushing to formally try and assist Nicola Sturgeon regarding her endeavour in that respect. In fact a few have officially said as much as we know, e.g. Spain for one (and in print).

It also presupposes that Nicola Sturgeon has the backing of the Scottish people for another referendum, yet all the polls advise that there is no appetite for such at this time. Many think the answer would be ‘no’ anyway if there were.

It makes more sense for all sides to wait, not only until at least post Brexit, but a year or two thereafter, in order to have a true vision of any future UK.

Nicola Sturgeon accuses Mrs May of no consultation on Brexit issues, yet I can recall seeing countless (and no doubt costly), televised committee meetings where SNPs have pitched scenarios, the majority of which were either ‘non-starters’ regarding the single market, customs union, immigration, etc, or were politically inept, yet they were treated with dignified responses and listened to without interruption for hours/days. This, despite the fact, they had already been told previously, and on countless occasions, what was a possibility and what was not.

The Scottish Parliament (SNPs with the support of the Green Party) will no doubt still vote to formally request that Mrs May grants permission for a Scottish Referendum, despite knowing the answer will remain ‘No’.

As some commentators are saying, Nicola Sturgeon has not outlined her own plans for an independent Scotland or how it can manage its own budgets, then also a lot more besides, especially without the use of the English Pound, loss of Naval Submarines/Shipbuilding. How can they manage if out of both the EU and UK?

Nicola Sturgeon is not being Statesmanlike (Stateswoman-like), as she is putting her own political obsessions for independence above the welfare of her country.

Also today, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, James Brokenshire MP, has extended ‘for a reasonable time’ more days/a few weeks to enable a deadlock to be resolved  before having to take less preferred options, e.g. transferring temporary control to Westminster.

The stumbling block appears to be within the areas of culture and identity. Some are inferring one aspect to be that of the preservation of language.

As we all fully realise, Northern Ireland is a special case with distinctions from Wales and Scotland, if peace is to be preserved at all costs.

In the interim of issues being settled, the Civil Service is to manage the day to day business. In the recent budget, considerable monies have also been made available to Northern Ireland. Likewise, similarly for Wales and Scotland. I cannot recall hearing Nicola Sturgeon showing appreciation for that, or anything else however.

Also, the First Minister of Scotland does not seem to include a vote for descendants of Scottish parentage living in other parts of the UK, ‘if and when’ there is yet another independence referendum (until the Scottish people get it right, etc).

Given the hectic schedules and worries Mrs May must be carrying every day, the Prime Minister must have a good stamina and know how to keep her eye on the key issue, namely extricating the UK from the EU, as the majority of British people voted collectively within the UK umbrella as always, not specific geographically areas therein, otherwise, every town and village would have every right to demand independence whichever way they voted according to Scotland’s take. There never has been that type of demarcation when voting yet Nicola Sturgeon wishes it to apply now as it suits her purpose. People of the UK were asked if they wished to stay in or leave Europe, nothing referred to votes having any demographic otherwise. Just the dictionary meaning of Leave or Remain.

Regardless of what is being hurled at Mrs May at this present time and for the next two years and ongoing, I am pleased that she has the stoic qualities which will sustain her, and the same ones reminiscent of Miss Fritton (‘St Trinians‘). Mrs May will need all the chutzpah she can muster right now!










Hazel Speed

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