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Amit Shankar Saha





The Bermuda Triangle



So we let our thoughts go

and they get lost from this world

into a different dimension.

They gather to build a nest,

where one fine morning

your thought holds a slice of time

and spreads it with love.

My thought says a silence,

our friend’s thought starts with “Mmm”

and your thought cries, “Shut up.”

And then one sultry afternoon

they sit around an old valve set

tuning it to catch a short wave

escaping from a thoughtless world.







The Last Riverine Civilization



A bit of the end escapes

And masquerades as me


Nothing lasts except

What exists within


Swallows of the lost

Riverine civilization


Fly from the gut to the heart

Along the river of feelings


Traverse the body of air

Where you are still breathing












Amit Shankar Saha

Dr. Amit Shankar Saha is a faculty member in the Department of English at Seacom Skills University. He is also a researcher, a short story writer and a poet. His short stories and poems have been published in periodicals and books both in India and abroad. He has won prizes at a number of creative writing competitions which include Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature (Short story 2015), Wordweavers Prize (Poetry-2011, Short story-2014), The Leaky Pot – Stranger than Fiction Prize (2014), Asian Cha – Void Poetry Prize (2014), Reuel Prize for Poetry (Shortlisted-2016). Dr. Amit Shankar Saha is the co-founder and coordinator of Rhythm Divine Poets, a Kolkata-based poets group dedicated to the promotion of poetry. His website is http://sites.google.com/site/amitshankarsaha and he blogs at http://amitss6.blogspot.com.


  1. P C K PREM March 30, at 04:09

    And then one sultry afternoon/ they sit around an old valve set/ tuning it to catch a short wave/ escaping from a thoughtless world. AND Traverse the body of air/ Where you are still breathing ARE MEMORABLE LINES


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