March 29, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Stephen Philip Druce



Sea Creature Disco



Subterannean beasts punch liquor

ash tribes to flash droplet

in thunder bone caper and groove,


to skinny-bloom jewel-flaked rhythms

of the bubble-glide, the toe-drumming one eyed,

the pedalling fizz – the monotony freak fish

in glitterball gibberish,


as flesh lanterns glisten –

the lancing rays – the feather spew,

the shuffle snakes dance in the smoke

of the crumbling skeleton crew,


and hollow mutterings in sea bed fleets,

are the shipwrecked skulls that nod

to the swallowed beats.








Sugar River



Fish shaped sweets

and sticky treats

swim in a current jam,


sherbert swans save

drowning bon bons,

in rapids of cake and marzipan,


there’s gingerbread fisherman

with rods of candy sticks,

that cast their lines of liquorice lace

in a whirlpool of pick and mix –


driftwood tarts and pastry parts

float in a stream of fizzy pops,

as jelly babies row in custard boats

with oars of strawberry lollypops,


through trifle rums – ice cream runs,

biscuit crumbs and runny yum-yums,


meander splash the chocolate muds,

in a caramel of lashing floods,


and riverbanks – they brace and quiver,

but love the taste of the sugar river.










stephen philip druce

Stephen Philip Druce

Stephen Philip Druce is a poet from Shrewsbury in the U.K. He has previous publications with The Playerist, Cake, Muse Literary Journal, Ink Sweat And Tears, The Inconsequential, The Taj Mahal Review and Spokes.

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