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March 30, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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Hazel Speed

What a historic day! Prime Minister Theresa May signed her letter triggering Article 50 on Tuesday and on Wednesday 29th March 2017, UK Ambassador Sir Tim Barrow, handed it over to EU Council Chief Donald Tusk, who subsequently commented that it was not a happy occasion – and his message was to say, we already miss you. Thank you and good bye.

Mmmm – one wonders if that was meant in an altruistic way, or reminiscent of an American sales assistant after they had served a customer? For the majority voters of the UK it is, of course a fantastic and historic day.

Various commentators are saying the new expression is parallelism vs consequentialism regarding the emerging two year negotiations.

Mrs May had to do the usual Prime Minister’s Question Time in Parliament, following which she made her Statement which was similar to her previous ones but softened somewhat no doubt in respect of European ears.

It was annoying however regarding the bombardment of verbal utterances and ludicrous so-called questions repeated incessantly, which Mrs May subsequently suffered, via SNP benches, especially as their First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said in Scotland yesterday after the Green Party helped her secure Independence Referendum request No 2, I will not bother Mrs May tomorrow as I realise “it will be a busy day for her.”

Even without looking at the TV, one immediately knew when a question was being presented by a SNP representative, as the voices were full of anger and sometimes even hatred.

Later, after most MPs had left the chamber, they remained for a while still sniping away at their UK Prime Minister. They ought to change their tone as she is going to be representing their interests in Europe. Not one has said ‘thank you’ for monies recently given to Scotland referred to in the Budget.

They could not trip up the Prime Minister on a thing, as she uses intellect not anger. The famous poem about the owl and the pussy-cat going to sea came to mind, and I am sure crowd funding could provide the £5 note plus, etc, as one tires of the constant whines as to why Scotland’s interests are somehow special in all this without any care regarding the rest of us.

How Mrs May has the stamina I do not know, standing up for around three hours of questions, most of which came from the SNPs. The Speaker, Mr Bercow, praised the Prime Minister for her presence at the despatch box over such a long time.

Once again, questions were raised about EU Nationals in the UK but not about UK Nationals in the EU.

I was edified by a commentator today as to why the Scots are so eager to get their agricultural and fishing rights back from the EU – so they can no doubt give them back to the EU for re-entry into Europe. This is why many rights should remain under the UK Parliament. There is something to be said about parallelism and not just agree to one thing quickly.

There are so many plotting for diverse things, Mrs May is our Prime Minister and I think we should let her get on with it all. Democracy can indeed be too democratic for its own good!

The biggest battle of all will come at the end of the whole process – and that one could be decided in the streets – though I am sure that Mrs May realises the potential only too well, which is why I do believe she will achieve the right and honourable outcome for ALL in the UK, but especially the majority of voters who wanted to leave Europe; as so far, we have had to listen to the remoaners rather than look towards a Great Britain emerging again, and that journey started today!

Well done Mrs May for upholding the democratic vote!



Later, Andrew Neil interviewed Mrs May on the evening of the same day in which she formally triggered Article 50, which initiates the process with the European Union to commence deliberations by which the United Kingdom extricates itself therefrom.

Given Mrs May had earlier stood at the despatch box in Parliament for about three hours, taking questions from all the Parties present, (including the usual abuse from the SNPs), and then the issuing of her statement concerning the EU, the interview with Andrew Neil was impressive in two respects.

Firstly, she was most alert still, despite what must have been a most arduous day, and secondly she portrayed the acumen and skills thus enabling her to present the same detail of complexities regarding the issues she had earlier addressed in Parliament, but within the forum of an interview more in the style of a relaxed armchair chat.

To be able to adapt accordingly, portrays not only to the viewer, but more importantly to the voters who put their ‘X’ mark in the Leave box when voting in the Referendum last year, that the intricate negotiations with Europe will be in safe hands.

No wonder there were MPs in Parliament who wore ties today with references to our great composer Elgar – a point which was also referenced by the Speaker John Bercow.

Yes, a historic day indeed!










Hazel Speed

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