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Tara Sattar






To him, she was like a doll.

A doll that he could play with in his imagination,

However he wanted to, whenever he desired.

But, it was all out of her conception.


He would watch her movements from a distinct distant.

Her vision was gorgeous to him in every way.

He would run to places just to get a glimpse of her.

She had no traces of the trail that led him to her.


And he watched her –

In the pictures,

In his beliefs,

In his dreams, where he held his mighty secrets.

Secrets about her.

She was oblivious of his obstinacy.


He watched her,

From dawn to darkness…

From her head to her steps,

She was his path to direct him on the land,

And his stars to steer him in the sky.

Yet, she was unaware of the reality.


Starchild, he named her.

Obsession, they called her.

And he’d smile it off with a twist at the end of his lips.


Obsession, for her, was an understatement.











I can’t promise to walk with you in the rain.

I can’t assure to lie down beside you under the infinite starry sky.

I can’t secure my presence whenever you call out my name.

I may not be here tomorrow when you need me.


Because all I have is the present.

Just this moment.

A moment to live or to die.

A moment to win it all or leave everything behind.


Just this moment.

This is the only reality.

The next is unknown…












tara sattar

Tara Sattar

Tara Sattar is a published poet and writer based in Bangladesh. She writes about social issues like rape and abuse. Her focus is on the development of women’s place in the world. She’s a reader, fashion enthusiast, balletomaniac, Wonder Woman & Paris lover.

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