April 4, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Logor Olumuyiwa



Ògbeni Làgbàyí






all is calm,

it unsettles me.

to and fro people move

with nonchalant ease,

traffic is in no hurry

to its destination,

police demand no tax

from roaring beasts

screeching on tarred paths.

I grow tense

with this building


power refuses to go


gadget tariffs are low,

food stuff exchange in kobo.

i fear

for this ongoing ease.

no tussle for seats to the death,

amenities given to masses’ delight;

the nation advances in all ways.

my breath ceases

in this state of anomie

the nation finds itself.

can it ever be this way?

it is calm,

my mind is chaotic.










ogbeni lagbayi

Ògbeni Làgbàyí

Lagbayi is a teacher, writer, editor, arts and culture enthusiast. His writings revolve around societal problems especially situations that “ridicule” humanity. Although he engages in other forms of writings, prefers to make his feelings known through poetry. He has unpublished works and also has edited numerous works, academic and creative. He prefers to be known as lagbayi, in small case, with the “y” facing the other side.


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