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April 5, 2017 Africa , Nigeria , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Ogunniyi Abayomi


“We are completely disenchanted with the old adult, established politicians, we want to see some new faces –more militant faces”

                                                                                                Malcolm X


The political franchise across African states inhibits an administrative structure that has deprived African society of its creative and innovative ideology of enacting policies along with its art of decision making at the detriment of a declining and stunted growth within our domain.

The manipulative act within the spiral circle of power is not strange to our eyes; therefore, we are conversant with the discomfort along with the painful appeal over the implementation of its rigid approach to governance, yet they are not discarded from the political cabinet of our society, therefore we are prone to their failures and deficiencies of the policies and performance.

Heinous activities over the need for a stabilized society rage with little, less or a riddance of care and concern towards the life and properties of individuals under their care in the corridors of our society. Within their domain and chamber of authority, our national treasures and resources are kept at the expense of the discomfort of the masses in spite of the challenges encountered, hereby little pennies and coins move into the government pocket via levy. No development is implored by these funds acquired via the sweat and struggles of the masses therefore they are deprived of their benefits as citizens of a particular state.

Extra judicious killings cannot be exempted from the records of the old names ruling over our affairs, the same individuals refusing to step down reasonably and genuinely while they are being replaced by a figure, old colleague or family member while they are still involved in the affairs of the state, building their administration on a myopic ideology against the will of the people.

Nigeria and several African countries have encountered various events whereby the president refuses to accept defeat against his opponent creating a chaos within the deceitful illusion of a free and fair election, an end result concluding on a manipulative conspiracy, enabling an individual into power to continue its old mission.

Pathetically we have not decried against it, seeking the need for a new name, institution and ideas, hereby policies are implemented against the masses for their benefit yet we sit comfortably with the old leaders whose regime is inflicted with corrupt and filthy engagements. Today we have built an administration that fails to recognize the power of its citizens therefore we are enslaved by the little money they offer and the below par performance of their administration.

There is no opportunity to integrate fresh people into the system who are capable of sharing and implementing ideas applicable to innovate policies that fasten up the development of the people, rather we have leaders sleeping often at legislative chambers in the comfort of their Agbada, seeking to embezzle national funds via their inborn manipulative skills with nothing to offer.

Each day the nation is being dragged backwards which has resulted in the stunted growth we have attained over the years due to the choice of old names we have leaned on like a puppet to his master. If we continue this way we will only see more old and unfavorable forces.











Ogunniyi Abayomi

Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he resides. A poet and essayist whose works have been published in various journals.


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