April 12, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Vera Ignatowitsch



Larung Gar



I came with my sisters

following our tulka down

the long and winding path.


Sent by the government

of China we march forward

a demolition crew.


Accepted in this shared

environment I settled,

happy to learn and study

acceptance and love

-the journey ahead –

spiritual growth of Buddha.


Approaching Larung Gar

we see the monks and nuns

thick in their warrens,

lacking proper respect.

I am Buddhist. Our chainsaws

eliminate their attachment.


Watching the hammers descend,

smashing the remnants left

behind by the chainsaws

is smashing my clarity,

clouding my compassion,

tearing my loving kindness.


We do not note your beliefs,

so our chain saws roar

and our hammers fall…


…I struggle to inhale

and accept their violence,

to transcend all suffering.












Vera Ignatowitsch

Vera Ignatowitsch

Vera Ignatowitsch has been in love with, and writing, poetry all her life. She has only recently begun submitting poems for publication. Her poems have been published in 2 anthologies.


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