UK General Election: How the vultures are gathering

April 19, 2017 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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Hazel Speed

It has been quite sickening to watch the broadcasts today – already ‘wall to wall’ arguing-the-toss between political parties.

The Prime Minister being blamed first of all for ‘not’ going to the public, and now rebuked because she is doing so on 8th June. Damned if she does and damned if she does not.

If Nicola Sturgeon, First Scottish Minister, the Welsh and Northern Irish vote in the General Election, I hope (especially in regard to the Welsh and the Scots), all are publicly reminded (and accede) that they are participating within and under the auspices of the United Kingdom and therefore traditionally, all votes are accumulative under the UK, not individual corners or countries thereof.

The Remoaners are like children in a sweet shop today, when in reality they have caused this to happen, which is the undermining of a legitimate democratic vote. Where is the Supreme Court now – what are the rules of Treason? If matters (all that is in place so far) are overturned, can the losers of this next election do the same thing and ‘drip-tap’ moan, moan, moan.

Ruth Davidson is by far the most sensible choice for First Minister for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is just chasing an entry in the Scottish history books, without any political outline what would, or even could, follow. Her raison d’etre is to lead Scotland to Independence. I also think that like many English, the Scots are scunnert with it all.

So the Scottish electorate will probably be told to vote for independence above all else, via a single market and customs union with the EU, in readiness therefore, so now is their chance to ask Nicola Sturgeon for full clarification as to what her vision of a future Scotland would look like, and then enquire of The Prime Minister if England would still want to trade with them.

Ruth Davidson has said today that she is confident of being able to secure a clutch of seats for the Conservatives, and many think she will.

Mrs May is taking a huge risk with this General Election, but if it means The Prime Minister can be re-elected with a strong mandate, ensuring a successful passage of necessary ‘final deal’ legislation with the European Parliament and have no more vultures circling around her, then it will have been worthwhile.

Nicola Sturgeon accuses Mrs May of thinking of her own Party rather than the Country as a whole! Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, as they say.

Plaid Cymru and Northern Ireland – many in Wales had previously voted to leave the EU and it is thought that vote will remain solid. Northern Ireland has had to contend with so many complex facets recently without reaching a definitive outcome, as yet to be determined, that this General Election may mean things have to be further delayed until that result is known, when details can be established and then matters firmed up, thus allowing eventual agreements to be determined. So from 8th June’s decision, all else will follow.

It has been reported that Mrs May’s own back benchers have been amongst those who have revolted against her and the aims of the Government, so it would be poetic justice if some of them subsequently find they are not re-elected and lose their seats.

Such loyalty must surely not go unrewarded, one way or another.










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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